A Mother and Child's Destiny! That Mother's Name is Olvia!

A Mother and Child's Destiny! That Mother's Name is Olvia! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 09/10/2006

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This episode begins where the people on Ohara are talking about a Marine vessel with no one aboeard having made port. Robin's mother Olivia is walking through the town.

Saul has prepared his raft. Robin is sad that he's leaving, but he says he'd like to add a flag. So, he will stay a bit longer.

Robin tells Saul that she studies archeology so that when the day comes that her mother returns. She will be able to go with her this time. Robin doesn't even remember her mother's face.

Robin tells Saul how her mother is traveling to learn about the Void Century. This triggers Saul to ask what is the name of Robin's mother. Saul knows Olivia. He realizes that this island he washed upon is Ohara.

Saul warns Olivia that the Marines are going to Ohara to eliminate the scholars, but Robin wont believe him. He tells her to go into town and see if anything is wrong, and that her mother may be in town already.

The opening theme starts. Unlike many of the previous episodes. This one has no recap of prior events before the opening.

Ovlivia shows up at the Tree of Omniscience. She looks just like Robin, but with white hair. In the Japanese version, she also has Robin's Voice Actress.

Robin runs into town.

Olivia was part of a research group. She was the only survivor. Their studies were found and they realized Ohara's involvement. Ohara is revealed to be a place where scholars gather to in order to study history.

Olivia tries to warn everyone to leave, but none want to abandon the history of the island, Including the books kept in Tree of Omniscience. Clover pressed Olivia about Robin, but she feels she can't meet her after the way she left. She left Robin when she was very little to stay with her uncle and aunt.

We see where Robin first met Professor Clover.

Olivia is pleased to hear about Robin, but refuses to let her be the daughter of a criminal. When she hears a Government boat is approaching she grabs a rifle from behind a hidden wall and runs out.

Robin runs to the Tree of Omniscience and passes her mother. Neithr recognizes the other.

At this time Aokiji was known as Kuzan.

Robin makes it to the Tree of Omniscience. the first thing she asks is if her mother has been there. Clover tries to tell her that Olivia wouldn't be there. Only now do she remember about the danger Saul told her.

The government agents come bursting in to arrest everyone. The Government Agents lie to the population that the Ohara scholars were plotting the destruction of the world. All civilians that aren't scholars are to be brought to the evacuation ship.

Olivia fires a shot at Spandine, but only grazes him. He tells her that Ohara is going to be used as an example to the rest of the world as the cost of researching the Void Century.

Spandine's men take Olivia down quickly with Soru.

The Government Agents raid the library.

On the shore, Saul can see all the Marine vessels waiting for the command to attack.

Clover tells Robin to go to the evacuation ship, but she refuses. Spandine soon arrives with Oliva. She hears Clover say Robin's name, and she can't resist looking to her.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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