A Monster's Scent! Chanela Steals Love

A Monster's Scent! Chanela Steals Love is an anime episode of Sailor Moon that was released on 04/11/1992

This episode begins with Usagi having a nightmare in which she is running from a monster. Tuxedo Mask saves her and tells him he will always be near her. Usagi wakes up to her little brother, Shingo, screaming that there is a cat in his room. He is apparently afraid of cats and woke up to Luna stretching out on his bed. At breakfast, Usagi's parents meet Luna and tell her that it's ok to keep her in the house. Luna decides that she needs to get cuter in order to get along with Shingo.

Queen Beryl commands Jadeite to release another energy-collecting monster. Enter the new evil business of the day, Pet Shop Perfume. Shingo's friend tells him that since he doesn't like cats, she knows a pet that will be perfect for him. They head to the Pet Shop Perfume, where they are selling pets called Chanela - strange rabbit-like animals that smell like perfume. Both Shingo and his friend are immediately hypnotized by the Chanela, and the shop owner tells them that it's okay to take them home and pay her later. On the way home, Shingo's friend says that she doesn't need anything else as long as she has a Chanela. The Chanela begin glowing.

Shingo brings the Chanela home. Luna tries to approach him again in order to be friendly, but Shingo kicks her across the room. He says that the Chanela will be his pet from now on. The next day, Usagi knocks on the door to his room and tells him it's time to go to school. Shingo says that he is staying home today. She opens the door and sees him staring at the glowing Chanela. At school, many of Usagi's classmates also have Chanelas. When the teacher walks in, everyone immediately hides their new pets. During class, one of the girls snaps and decides that she has to look at her Chanela. When Ms. Haruna tries to confiscate it, she knocks her to the floor. She and the other girls with Chanelas leave the class and go home.

Usagi and Naru discuss their classmates' strange behavior and realizing that everyone with a Chanela is acting weird. Usagi decides to check out the Pet Shop Perfume, which has people lined up out the door. Usagi runs into Mamoru, who teases her and tells her a Chanela wouldn't be good for her because perfume doesn't suit her (basically calling her immature). Usagi goes into the store and Luna shows up, telling her something isn't right. Usagi gets hypnotized anyway and picks out a Chanela from the store. On the way home, Luna tells Usagi to return the Chanela. Usagi tells Luna that she doesn't like her and and that she will kick her if she gets any closer. She also ignores a crying little girl that has fallen off a bike. Luna finally jumps in between Usagi and the Chanela, breaking the spell. Now that Usagi is convinced that trouble is brewing, she goes home and tries to take away Shingo's Chanela. Even though she slaps him in the face, he still insists on keeping the pet.

Luna tells Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon and go check out the Pet Shop Perfume. Shingo is there with his friend, as the shop owner is telling them to spread the Chanelas everywhere. Sailor Moon interrupts with a speech, and the shop owner turns into a purple, alligator-like monster. The children also turn purple and run after Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon ends up on the receiving end of yet another butt-kicking, she wonders if Tuxedo Mask will come save her. Luna tells her to stop relying on others and use Moon Tiara Action. Sailor Moon does not want to use the attack because she is afraid she might hurt Shingo. Luna tells her to yell "Moon Tiara Stardust" instead. Sailor Moon follows her instructions and uses the Stardust attack to return the children to normal. However, the monster still has not given up and chases Sailor Moon into the parking lot. As Sailor Moon is picked up by the neck with the monster's long tail, Luna notices a glowing spot at the base of the tail. She tells Sailor Moon that this is the monster's weak point. Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Action and hits the glowing spot, defeating the monster.

After the fight, Shingo runs into the parking lot after Sailor Moon, calling her "Sailor V." Sailor Moon ducks behind a car and hides her face. He tells her that he is a huge fan, but she informs him that she is Sailor Moon, not Sailor V. Not knowing that Sailor Moon is his older sister in disguise, Shingo's response is "Well, you're cute, so whichever." He asks for her autograph, but Sailor Moon tells him to be nicer to "a cat near you named Luna." The episode ends with Shingo happily feeding Luna with chopsticks. Usagi's parents comment that from now on, they will be a family of five.

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Mukuo Takamura Concept Artist
Junichi Sato Director
Naoko Takeuchi Original Concept Naoko Takeuchi is the prolific mangaka behind the international phenomenon, Sailor Moon.
Kazuko Tadano Character Artist/Designer
Shigeru Yanagawa Writer
Daisuke Ikeda Music
Kazuo Sato Music
Takanori Arisawa Music Renown Anime Composer
Ikuko Ito Animation Director Animator


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