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A Migratory Bird is an anime episode of Fortune Arterial that was released on 10/08/2010
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School. WITH VAMPIRES!! Reviewed by damswedon on Oct. 10, 2010. damswedon has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Wolverine. 44 out of 50 users recommend his reviews.

Fortune Arterial is best described as Project Zero meets Vampires at least I think it is, you see the first episode didn’t do a lot. It starts dramatically with a blonde-haired red-eyed girl proclaiming, “Don’t hate me for this” then taking a bite out of the audience. Cue titles!

 That's how girls react when I touch them aswell.
 That's how girls react when I touch them aswell.

Kohei Hasekura narrates to us that he has transferred schools more times than he can count, so his parents have decided to send him to Tamatsu Island to go to a Christian boarding school. As he heads up to the entrance Erika Sendo, the vice president of the school counsel, greets him. She holds out her hand and when he goes to shake it, she recoils in pain for no normal reason. She quickly give the responsibility of greeting Kohei to Tsukasa Hachimandaira who is of the same age as Kohei. They go to the dorms and meet sisters Haruna and Kanade Yuki, they remember Kohei from when he lived on the island seven years ago and are happy to meet them.

The next day at breakfast, the Yuki sisters give Kohei a welcoming book and tell him that if he gets a picture of all the locations before the opening ceremony he might win a prize. So that day he heads out with his camera and starts on his quest. That day he meets:

  • Shizuko Amaike - a nun.
  • Shiro Togi - a member of the royal ring, a group of students that help at the chapel.
  • Seichiro Togi - brother to Shiro and counsel treasurer.
  • Iori Sendo - the brother of Erika and counsel president.

Iori makes a fool of Kohei by changing the bathroom signs around and well you can guess that Kohei gets a good slapping. That night however when he s finishing his picture quest off Kohei spots a girl being attacked by someone who looks like Iori, who goes on to bite her neck. LIKE A VAMPIRE! Yeah so, Episode 1 is blatantly introduction episode. Other than the twist with the vampires at the end, the episode is uneventful in it’s pacing. Each scene goes like this;

  1.  Sm.. Wait I just realised what I said up there.
     Sm.. Wait I just realised what I said up there.
    Kohei walks somewhere
  2. Kohei meets person there
  3. Person gives a small introduction
  4. Anyone Kohei was already with leaves
  5. Kohei and new person go to step 1

The ending sadly leaves something to be desired, in that it just ends, which is bad because it ends right when the good stuff feels like it is about to happen.  You can’t really comment on the Vampires in the show because very little in terms of rules has been set up other than they can go out in the day. The show looks artistically good with even background characters looking okay. The show however suffers from being quite a graveyard with even the breakfast scene feeling sparsely populated in this boarding school setting. There are some cases of the backgrounds feeling a little too much like paintings rather than actual places. Even a rather uneventful first episode I’m kinda excited to see where the show will finally go and what kind of mythos it will craft for it’s self.

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