Ultimo #2 - A Master on the Edge

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 07/06/2010

Plot Summary

Yamato now finds a strange man barging into his house offering to buy Ultimo. Iruma a very wealthy politician also a Doji master reborn in modern times, brings with him the Karakurai doji, "Jealousy." Yamato declines the offer and Iruma resorts to using force but Jealousy betrays Iruma, seeing him not fit to learn anymore from. And then sets his sights on Yamato, helpless but Ultimo comes back vowing to protect him with his life. Upon a devastating battle between Ultimo and Jealousy,  another Karakurai doji steps in before Ultimo delivers the final blow to Jealousy. His name "Regula," is another Karakurai of good. His master, Ekoda swings through and picks up injured Yamato. And then proceeds to take him to a remote gathering of other masters and their Karakurai. Ultimo is not alone, the "Six Perfections," along with their masters try to protect the secrets of the Karakuai doji and choose Yamoto as their leader, and want his help as they search for the creator of the Karkurai, Dr. Dunstan and prevent Good and Evil from destroying the world. As for the wandering Jealousy he seeks to pick his next master, and lays pray to one of Yamato's closest friends. Yamato then returns to his normal school life, but what awaits him upon return is something he couldn't have expected. Vice was making a move, and sends the master of Gluttony to attack Yamato and destroy Ultimo as well before they make the "pledge," and Ultimo truly awakens.


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Stan Lee writer,
Hiroyuki Takei writer,



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