A Long-Awaited Glimpse of the Sky

A Long-Awaited Glimpse of the Sky is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 08/18/2012

It's the end of JAXA's exam in the sealed boxes. Even though only two members of each team were selected, Nasuda reminds them there is still a chance for other candidates to be chosen to visit Houston. Since the exam is over, Yasushi takes some time to visit Professor Baba Hiroto, who works on spacesuits, and is responsibly for giving Yasushi the chance to become an astronaut.

Plot Summary

Everyone sees the sun again
Everyone sees the sun again

It's the end of JAXA's two-week long exam in the sealed boxes, and the teams must choose two people each who they think is most suited to be an astronaut. Mutta, wanting their time to end on a happy note, suggests to decide using rock paper scissors. Everyone agrees, and it's decided after the first round, coming up with 2 winners and 3 losers. When Team A is let out of their box, they are greeted with applause by JAXA staff, including Nasuda and Hoshika. When all the teams are reunited in the hangar where the bus is parked, Yasushi remembers that they still have to take that long bus ride back. However Nasuda surprises them by letting them go outside, and see the sun, at which point everyone realizes that the building they were at was just JAXA. Nasuda explains that they don't have the budget to have a top secret facility.

Mutta visits Kenji's family
Mutta visits Kenji's family

Mutta goes with Kenji to visit his family, and Mutta sees that Kenji solved and kept the white puzzle from the exam. Kenji had it signed by the other team members too. Kenji is a little bummed that his team did not decide to choose him, but Mutta comforts him by reminding him that they still have a chance. Nasuda told them that along with the two who were chosen from each team, JAXA would also pick a few others to go to Houston with them and do a series of interviews with current NASA astronauts.

Since the exam is over, Yasushi visits Professor Baba Hiroto, the man who responsible for giving him the chance to be an astronaut. Before then, Yasushi had only corresponded with Baba by e-mail and is surprised that Baba is as short as he is. Baba works on space suits. Yasushi is happy to see him, but reveals that he lost in rock paper scissors, and was too arrogant about becoming an astronaut. Baba then asks if Yasushi would like to see the new suit he is working on.

Yasushi drinking Calpis with milk
Yasushi drinking Calpis with milk

A few days later, Mutta is waiting to go out to dinner, presumably with Serika, and has some fun fixing his hair. Serika arrives late, out of breath, and apologizes to Mutta. Mutta tries acting cool, but then Nitta and Fukuda arrive. Mutta remembers that it's not actually just Mutta and Serika, but all of Team A that is going out to dinner together. Yasushi messaged Fukuda saying he would be 15 minutes late, so they decide to wait inside the restaurant. On the train, Yasushi overhears two schoolboys talking about a book on space. Yasushi remembers when he was thirteen, he won a prize in a draw, it was a pencil board with a picture of an astronaut in space, and on the back a detailed description of the spacesuit. This is what hooked Yasushi on space, especially the last line that compared a spacesuit to a small spaceship. However, he later found out that there was a height requirement of 158cm to be an astronaut. Yasushi tried lots of things to get taller.

Prof. Baba tells Yasushi not to give up
Prof. Baba tells Yasushi not to give up

Both Baba and Yasushi were in the same situation, they could not meet the height requirement to become an astronaut. So Baba went and designed a new elastic spacesuit that folded in certain areas to accommodate for astronauts of different sizes. As a result of Baba's new spacesuit, the height requirements were changed, allowing Yasushi to apply to be an astronaut. After seeing the new suit, Yasushi's confidence is renewed as he doesn't want to waste the chance that Baba has created for him, and says he will one day wear that space suit and go into space.

Points of Interest

  • In this episode we learn that In Team A, Yasushi and Mutta lost rock paper scissors.
  • Yasushi and Baba both drink Calpis (a Japanese soft drink similar to vanilla yogurt) with milk, and joke with each other that they both keep drinking milk in the hopes of growing taller.
  • To try growing taller Yasushi tried playing basketball, tying weights to his legs, eating lots of fish snacks and always drinking Calpis with milk.

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