A Hero Arrives

A Hero Arrives is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 08/24/2012
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A simple trip the beach turns into war for Godou’s affection, which he only manages to escape with the help of Athena. His troubles are only beginning…
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Plot Summary

Lucrezia gropes Yuri
Lucrezia gropes Yuri

During the volleyball match, the ball hits Godou. Erica goes out to assist him, but Yuri gets a bit jealous. Lucrezia joins in, and the three girls smother him with their bosom. In the hot spring bath, Lucrezia gropes Yuri's breasts, and Arianna brings them milk. Arianna slips with milk all over her clothes, and meanwhile, Erica and Godou are on a life boat. Godou is handcuffed, and he remembers answering Lucrezia's request. In his flashback Yuri goes with Godou because she cannot leave Godou's side, and it turns out that Erica planned this summer vacation. Erica frees Godou, and Godou swim away from her. He arrives to the hot springs and accidentally looks at Yuri, Arianna, and Lucrezia's bodies. Yuri scolds Godou for being a pervert and going to Italy to pick up women, and somehow, her towel falls off. After Godou gazes at her naked body, Yuri slaps Godou. Meanwhile, Liliana searches for Salvatore. Back at the castle, Godou sneaks out only to meet Athena who asks him to help her. She drives a boat with Godou to a green beam of light.

Perseus the dragon slayer
Perseus the dragon slayer

In the ruins, Salvatore finds a witch seal, and behind the wall, he finds a pillar brimming with a god's energy. It's called Hera's Seal. Liliana arrives to meet Salvatore, and she talks about the Gorgoneion and its effects. Salvatore pulls out his sword and crystallizes his hand. He cuts the pillar in half which a bright green light shoots out. At a volcano, a blonde man sees the light, and a dragon soars towards the light. From the sea, Athena and Godou see the dragon. Liliana sees the dragon getting shot down, and she sees Perseus attacking the dragon. Liliana begs him not to slay dragon because the land will loses it vitality. Perseus cuts off the wings and slashes at the dragon. Before he can deliver the final blow, Athena blocks Perseus's attacks, and she embraces the dragon. Godou tells Liliana that Athena brought him here. After Athena absorbs the dragon, Perseus prepares his stance. Godou intervenes and begs them not to fight.

Athena has Godou fight Perseus, and Liliana uses her Artemis abilities to fly Godou away. She tells Godou to devise a plan, and Godou states that magic does not work on him externally. He tells her to inject magic in him. When Godou refuses to let Liliana do what Erica does, Liliana makes him order her. Godou explains that she has to kiss him which makes Liliana blush. Liliana attacks Perseus who blocks her attack, and Godou summons his boar. As the boar takes off with the three of them, Godou tackles Perseus and throws him off. Perseus arrives on his Pegasus and destroys the boar. Perseus fires an arrow, and when Godou uses his Bird of Prey to get close, he finds his powers waning. Perseus fires an arrow that hits Godou where his heart is located.

Points of Interest

  • Perseus is a rogue god who slays dragons.
  • Liliana is part of the Bronze Black Cross.


  • Japanese Name: "Eiyū Suizan" (英雄推参)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.
Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!


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