A Full-frontal Hero Arises in the World!

A Full-frontal Hero Arises in the World! is an anime episode of Heaven's Lost Property that was released on 10/04/2009


Tomoki's life gets turned upside down when beautiful, winged Ikaros falls from the sky and starts calling him master! She offers to make his every wish come true - and his first wish is for world domination!

via FUNimation

Plot Summary

Tomoki who keeps having a dream about an angel he can't remember, then he gets rudely awakened and karate chopped by his neighbour, Sohara. He talks about living in a small peaceful town when a white-haired kid threatens to jump off the roof in a hang-glider and the student council president hints that he took out a life insurance policy for him in her own name. Sohara suggests Tomoki talk to the white-haired kid about his dream, so he does, and the guy responds that maybe it has something to do with the floating black hole that will pass over their town that night. Tomoki, Sohara, and the white-haired kid all agree to go watch it, but Tomoki is the only one who shows up.

Suddenly, an angel lands on the ground, followed by a bunch of strange pillars. Tomoki wants to run at first, but because he's the designated protagonist he ends up saving the angel...excuse me, "Angelroid." The Angelroid runs a program to enslave itself to its new master via some kind of magical chain, which turns out to be Tomoki. Tomoki is a little freaked out at first, but upon learning that the Angelroid (named Ikaros) can apparently do about anything that he wants, he abuses its power to get a billion dollars (yen?), run around naked, play with girls bodies' while time is stopped, and peek at porno mags he is too young to buy. At the end of the day, while eating a feast the angel summoned, he orders her to strip. But after she does, he gets cold feet and makes a remark about stopping for now and conquering the world tomorrow.

The next morning, Tomoki wakes up to find that everyone has disappeared. Apparently, Ikaros took his "world domination" thing as a direct order and started requesting the program to be run to make him leader of the world. However, because no one on Earth would accept him as ruler, the program simply began removing all of the people from the planet, leaving nothing but piles of clothes behind. Ikaros remarks that she could destroy herself if he wanted, so he tells her to go ahead. She summons a gun to shoot herself, but then Tomoki knocks her down before she pulls the trigger and says it was a joke and begs her to stay by his side. He then mutters how he wishes this was all a bad dream, and then sees a different angel telling him to take care of Ikaros.

Ikaros interprets the dream comment as another order, and simply reverts everything in reality back to the previous day. She asks if Tomoki also wanted the "stay by my side" order to be part of the dream, and he simply tells her to figure it out.

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