A Flock of Plovers

A Flock of Plovers is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 05/29/2011


Eager to make new friendships, Shiemi approaches her classmate, Kamiki, and asks to become her friend. Kamiki pretends to agree but instead takes advantage of Sheimi's kindness by turning her into her personal servant (in Rin's words). Later, everyone meets up at Rin and Yukio's dormitory where they take part in the Exwire exams. However, a Ghoul attacks Kamiki and burns her friend Paku, forcing Rin and Sheimi to save the two.

Plot Summary

The five classes of Meisters.
The five classes of Meisters.

Before Shiemi heads off to school, her mother asks if she made any friends to which she falsely answers yes. As she walks to class, she recalls Rin denying the idea of her as his friend after a confrontation with Ryuji, which almost brings her to tears. However, she holds them back and gathers the courage and determination to make some friends on her own. In class, Yukio announces a non-compulsory training camp to help Rin and his classmates advance in a field of their choice as their Meister. Rin, who seems utterly clueless as to what this all means, approaches Ryuji and his friends and asks them (somewhat kindly) to explain what a Meister is. Ryuji, irritated by this, asks how he expects to become an Exorcist if he doesn't even know that. Konekomaru answers that a Meister is a necessary qualification for Exorcists and a title that's given only to those who are skilled enough. He continues saying that there are 5 classes: Aria, Dragoon, Doctor, Tamer and Knight; and that only by getting a title in at least one of these fields will a person become an Exorcist. Rin then asks what he plans on taking with Konekomaru stating that him and Shima are aiming for Aria, whereby a person fights by reciting Bible reverses and other holy scriptures. Shima then adds that Ryuji (or Bon) is pushing himself too hard by trying to do both Aria and Dragoon. However, Konekomaru says that Yukio also took two fields: Doctor and Dragoon. Rin then asks what Dragoon means with Ryuji giving him an irritated reply that Dragoon Meisters fight with guns while Knight Meisters fight with swords, sparking Rin's interest. Upon learning this, he decides to take Knight as his field. Konekomaru then mentions to Rin that he always sees him carry a sword around with Rin responding that its a keepsake from his father.

Igor summons a demon called a Nuberius.
Igor summons a demon called a Nuberius.

Meanwhile, Shiemi watches Rin from afar and comments how he's getting along well with the guys. She then thinks to herself that although Rin and Yukio brought her to this school, she can't always rely on them for help. Later, Igor Neuhaus, a lecturer at the academy, demonstrates the summoning of a demon with a magic circle drawn on the floor which requires the summoners blood and an appropriate chant. After successfully summoning a Nuberius, Igor explains that not many people can summon demons and use them as familiars and that a person needs a strong will to tame a demon, otherwise the demon will turn against the summoner. He then adds that one cannot learn this, rather, one must have talent.

To see if Rin and the others have this talent, Igor gives each of them a piece of paper with a magic circle drawn on it. He orders them to put of drop of their own blood on it and say the first words that come to their minds. Kamiki gladly goes first and summons two fox demons, awing both Rin and Shiemi. Wanting to impress Kamiki, Shiemi decides to go next. After saying "come, come...just kidding", a small Green Man spirits pops up and Shiemi tells Kamiki that she managed to summon a familiar just like her receiving a sarcastic comment from the girl that Shiemi mistook for a compliment. Near the end of this lecture, Igor informs the class that there are plenty of Tamer candidates and that such Exorcists are rare and highly valued. He adds that a demon never obeys those weaker than them and that they will attack those who have lost their confidence. Before dismissing class, he gives one last piece of advice to them: if a they feel that they are in any danger, they can always tear the paper because once the magic circle is broken, the bond with break and the summon will disappear.

Once class was over, Kamiki and Paku leave immediately, with Shiemi trying to call out to the former. Kamiki tries to ignore the girl but to her annoyance, Shiemi refuses to stop, causing her to yell at Shiemi and ask what she wants from her. Shiemi gathers all her courage and tells her that she want to be her friend. Shocked, Kamiki agrees to be her friend and then hands over her bag to Shiemi and asks her to carry it for her, adding that friends help each other out. Although Paku comments that she shouldn't be making Shiemi do such things, Kamiki states that it doesn't bother since Shiemi is happy and glad to do it. Rin, Bon, Shima and Konekomaru are then seen observing the girls, with Bon stating that they're just playing, making Rin wonder about their intentions. As Kamiki continues to ask Shiemi to do favors for her, such as fetching her milk and handing out notes, Rin starts to realize that Shiemi is beginning to turn into a servant. Not trying to get too deep into the topic, he asks Yukio why their dorm is being used for their training camp. Yukio replies that since they're the only ones who live there, its alright if the class gets a little too noisy. Upon everyone's arrival, Bon comments that their dorm looks like a haunted house, with Kamiki adding that it feels too creepy.

After completing an assignment, Rin walks off to cool down his mind while Kamiki recommends she and Paku take a bath together with Shiemi volunteering to come along. As the girls walk off, Shima makes a sly comment about taking a little peek in the girl's bath receiving an angry remark from Bon that he's a monk and that he shouldn't be having these kind of thoughts. Yukio then enters their little conversation and states that they should recall that a teacher is present, but Shima just pokes him and says that he's also a freshman, even though he's a teacher, and that he doesn't have to "act". However, Shima's scheme to get him interested fails, making him give up on the idea. Back to the girls, Kamiki asks Shiemi to wait outside while she and Paku take their bath because she explains, she doesn't want her to see her naked. But to keep her busy, she tells Shiemi to fetch her some milk. Saddened by this exclusion, Shiemi decides to do as she's told, but Rin stops her and tells her to stop acting like Kamiki's servant, angering Shiemi who yells that she's not a servant but a friend whose trying to help. Rin doesn't accept this and responds saying that she's not helping Kamiki to which Shiemi seemingly understands. However, she adds that she doesn't want to stand behind the backs of others and that she wants to become strong on her own to help her friends, with Kamiki being her first one. She then runs away in tears, forcing Rin to run after her in frustration.

In the changing room, Paku tells Kamiki that she's being too mean to Shiemi but Kamiki replies saying that she doesn't consider Shiemi her friend unlike her whose been her best friend for the longest time. She then begins to recall the first time they met and how Paku helped her carry some books and boxes despite being shunned by her classmates because of her claims that she was able to see ghosts. However, Paku informs Kamiki that she intends to quit cram school because she doesn't understanding anything and because she doesn't want to put her life on the line to become a Exorcist. She adds that she doesn't like those who makes fools out of honest people and that that's not what a friend would do. Suddenly, a drop falls on Paku's arm and as the two look up, they begin to scream upon seeing a demon on the ceiling. Rin, who manages to catch up to Shiemi, hears their screams and tells the Shiemi to get Yukio while he runs to save them. With an unconscious Paku on the floor and the demon hovering right above her and inflicting burn wounds, Kamiki decides to take action by summoning two fox demons from before. However, her heart falters, and the two demons, sensing her weak will, refuse to follow her. As they were about to attack her, Rin knocks them away and orders Kamiki to tear the paper. She complies, and Rin, unable to draw his sword in front of Kamiki, decides to hit the demon away from Paku with the sheathed weapon with hopes that Yukio will arrive on time to save them. With Rin battling the Ghoul demon, Shiemi tends to Paku's burn wounds. Kamiki tells her that she'll die soon if not treated, so the Green Man Spirit, which had accompanied Shiemi, grows out some Aloe (from its stomach) that Shiemi figured would help.

Meanwhile, the demon knocks Rin into the bath and begins to strangle him. It apologizes to Rin and says that its an order from a certain person, making Rin think that it may have been Satan. But as Rin was about to lose consciousness, Yukio shows up and saves him. However, the demon managed to get away. Yukio then turns to Shiemi and asks about Paku's condition. After learning that she'll be fine, he tells Shiemi that its a good thing she was here or else who knows what would have happened without her. Paku then wakes up and thanks Shiemi for saving her, causing the girl to smile. Rin then approaches Kamiki who begins to tear up over her inability to protect her only and best friend and tosses her a shirt to cover herself up. Outside the dorm, the Ghoul is seen standing before its summoner, Igor who learns of its failure and asks whether its laughing at him for being a dog of a demon.


  • Japanese Name: "Tomochidori" (友千鳥)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 5 (Volume 2)
  • Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by Uverworld
  • Ending Theme: "Take Off" by 2PM

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Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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