Negima! #21 - A Fateful Encounter

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 03/24/2009

Plot Summary

Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Vol.21 A Fateful Encounter

The Negi Party faces their greatest defeat to date. Not only is Negi mortally wounded, but all his students are cast across the Magical World. Now it's a matter of survival.



A list and general description of many of the most common Honorifics in the Japanese language.

A Word from the Author

Ken Akamatsu talks about the story in this volume and about the filming of the live action drama.

187th Period - Fate Causes a Catastrophe

Negi is hit and bleeding out fast. Their Artifacts sealed, the girls are helpless to aide him as Fate makes his move.

188th Period - Power Up, Negi Party!!

The Negi Party is powered up and pushes back to foil Fate's plan, but victory could already be on his side.

189th Period - Destruction! Negi Party!!

The Ala Alba has been defeated and scattered across the many corners of the Magical World. Negi and Chachamaru find themselves alone in this dangerous jungle.

190th Period - Energy Recovered, 120%

Isolated and so far from their comrades. Negi and Chachamaru must fight their way through a jungle forest filled with all manner of deadly magical beasts. Negi helps Chachamaru with a pleasurable power up.

191st Period - Promise from the Past

Negi broke his promise to Chisame to protect her. Now, she's all alone in this forest of magical wonders and so far from the technology and reality she so adored.

192nd Period - Hero's Duty

Negi is fallen ill and Chachamaru and Chisame are unable to help. Kotaro arrives, but is now the right time for these two friends to fight?

193rd Period - Wanted!!

Finally, the band of travelers finds some idea of civilization, but discover they are framed for Fate's attack. Negi and the rest must find a way to find his students while avoiding the bounty over his head.

194th Period - Made in the Magical World

Natsumi, Akira, and Ako discovered they were alone and now indebted into slavery. Ako's magical prince arrives to save her.

195th Period- 1,000,000 Dorakuma Repayment Plan

To free his students from slavery. Negi dons the disguise of Nagi. He and Kotaro enter the local tournament of champions to pay for their freedom with the prize money

Fan Art Corner

Four pages of fan drawn postcards and letters.

Lexicon Negimarium

Full list of the meaning of the spells or other Latin phrases used in this volume.

This Volume:

  • (ancient Greek text) "A black, round prison"
  • Ibukidono oharahe Takamagahara ni kamuzumarimasu kamuro ki kamuro minomikotowomochite sumegamitachino maeni mausaku kurushimiuefu wagatomoyo mamorimegumahi sakiwaetamaheto
  • The Palace of the dead, deep within the wombs of the Earth...(appear below us) The Stone Pillar of Hades (ancient Greek text)
  • Melodia Bellax De Bi-Festinando
  • Sagitta Magica Series Salbulonis
  • Iksir

Class Roster

The full class roster of Negi's class 3-A.

Cover Concept Sketches

The concept sketches and notes for both the front and back covers.

Back Cover: Mana Tatsumiya

Translation Notes

If there is something that requires alterations or a Japanese phrase/joke needs explaining. The translators explains things here.


  • Kobucha and Ujicha
  • Sitar

About the Creator

A brief description of series creator Ken Akamatsu.

Preview of Negima! Vol. 22

Five pages of Negima! Volume 21 in it's original Japanese form.

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