A Determined One-Sided Crush

A Determined One-Sided Crush is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 08/28/2011

A Determined One-Sided Crush

The entire Kissuiso staff is continuing to work hard for the upcoming wedding. Minko is still mad at Ohana since Tooru seems to take a liking to Ohana instead of her. Tooru continues to be hard on Minko, saying he doesn't need her help. When Ohana is called by her mother, her mind is filled with thoughts of her own relationship with Ko -chan, a one-sided one. The girls finish sewing the wedding dress and need someone to try it on so they can make minor adjustments. Unfortunately only Minko has a similar body-type to Takako.

Plot Summary

Takako wakes Ohana and Minko at 4 in the morning. Takako seems as enthusiastic as ever to prepare for the wedding and wants the younger staff to work even harder. Minko is still mad at Ohana and is treating her to a vow of silence.

Satsuki calls Ohana
Satsuki calls Ohana

In class Ohana's phone rings and her classmates wonder whether it is her boyfriend that was calling her, Ohana is embarrassed. It turns out to have been Ohana's mother Satsuki. Satsuki received an invitation to Enishi's wedding, but cannot go because of work. Ohana questions her mother about how her mother's boyfriends don't seem to last very long. Ohana also wonders what it means for her to go out with someone. Satsuki reveals that her relationship with Ohana's father (who died 15 years ago) was a one-sided one, and ever since then Satsuki has been trying to forge new relationships to forget about Ohana's father.

Yuina, Nako and Ohana finally finish the wedding dress. They have Nako try it on so that they can make some final adjustments. Unfortunately Nako's breasts are too big to fit in the dress. Yuina has the idea of having Minko try it on instead. Tooru is starting to practice making dishes for the wedding. Once again Tooru reminds Minko that he doesn't need her help. Mr. Ren isn't so sure about Tooru's toughness on Minko, but Tooru says you have to be hard on them when their in a slump just like how Mr. Ren was with him when he was learning.

Minko is about to cry
Minko is about to cry

As Nako and Ohana approach Minko about the dress, Ohana and Minko get into a fight. Ohana has decided to have a one-sided relationship with Ko-chan and that she will never go out with Tooru. Minko keeps telling Ohana to just go out with Tooru already since it's obvious Tooru has feelings for Ohana. Minko says how no other boy can compare to Tooru. Unfortunately, Tooru walks in on the fight and heard everything. Minko runs away again in tears.

Tooru follows Minko alone to a nearby shrine. Tooru explains that he sort of likes Ohana because it's fun to see what crazy thing she will do next, but isn't really interested in doing anything with her. Tooru says that on the other hand Minko keeps him in great suspense. Minko is happy that Tooru is there to watch over her. As Nako is getting the dirt off the dress, she says to Ohana that she admires how both Ohana and Minko can love someone so much (since Nako hasn't been in love before). Minko comes back and tries on the wedding dress, it fits snugly. Minko says to Ohana that she won't give up her crush on Tooru and still wants to go out with him. Ohana is impressed, Minko is embarrassed and called Ohana a balut.

After that the wedding preparations go smoothly, and Ko-chan tells herself that she will express her feelings toward Ko-chan after the wedding. The wedding goes very smoothly. Except for one risqué skit by Jiroumaru. Sui delivers her speech last. She is impressed that she had no hand in the wedding preparations and the Kissuiso staff still managed to do a great job. However Tomoe wonders what Sui meant when she said she will be "watching from afar."

Sui at the ceremony
Sui at the ceremony

After the wedding is cleaned up, Sui assembles the staff for a meeting. Denroku will be quitting the Kissuiso and wants someone to keep the logs for the Kissuiso after he has left. The logs are like the entire history of Kissuiso, everything that has happened is written there. Sui says that she is thinking of closing up the Inn after the Bonbori festival is over. Everyone is surprised by this.

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