A Day When Nothing Happens

A Day When Nothing Happens is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 08/21/2011


Shiemi proposes her classmates throw a suprise birthday party for Kamiki, however, once she learns of this, she demands that it be fair for them as well, which ends with everyone celebrating each other's birthday.

Plot Summary

In a laboratory, Yukio tests his own blood for any signs of Satan's power that may be present within him after noticing an unknown infection on his arm.

Meanwhile in class, Shima approaches Shiemi and asks for her birthday and blood type along with Kamiki's to foretell their fortune. Despite his accuracy, Kamiki leaves the room slightly unimpressed and uninterested. However, Rin, amazed by his talent asks him to tell him his fortune, but Shima informs him that he doesn't do it for guys. Suddenly Shiemi points out that Kamiki's birthday is near and proposes they throw her a surprise party. During their preparation meeting, Shiemi attempts to assign everyone a duty but confesses that she doesn't know what to do at a birthday party. As everyone provides their own conflicting list of necessities, Bon decides to take charge and gives each person a task, with Rin baking the cake, Shima getting the present, Konekomaru advising Rin, and him and Shiemi working on the decorations.

Bon shows off his arts and crafts skills
Bon shows off his arts and crafts skills

In the academy, Shima peeks into Kamiki's classroom and asks one of her classmates if Paku arrived to which they answer that she just came in from the other classroom door. He immediately runs up to her (while trying to hide from Kamiki's view) and the two walk and talk outdoors without noticing Kamiki spying on them from a distance. Later at the library, Kamiki spots Konekomaru and Rin. As she approaches them and asks what they're doing, Rin jumps out the window while Konekomaru dodges her question by leaving hastily, prompting a confused look on her face. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Bon gives Shiemi a demonstration of his craftsmanship skills by creating a paper chain for the party when Kamiki shows up and inquires as to what they're up to. Shocked at her sudden appearance, Bon just tells her that its none of her business and runs off with Shiemi, making Kamiki even more perplexed as to what's going on.

Konekomaru and Rin baking
Konekomaru and Rin baking

At a cafe, Kamiki asks Paku if she's going out with Shima to which she answers no and explains that she met up with him only to talk about the upcoming "bird watching tour" (after she realized that she almost said "birthday"). Meanwhile, in the dorm's kitchen, Rin and Konekomaru work together to bake a cake under the latter's instruction. Although he felt awkward around Rin after what had happened with Gale, he slowly began to enjoy himself as Rin displayed his determination to bake the best cake ever.

Rin and Yukio's birthday party and Christmas celebration at the monastery
Rin and Yukio's birthday party and Christmas celebration at the monastery

At the Garden of Amahara, Shiemi is seen making paper chains until Yukio comes by to pick up the herbs he had ordered. As she searches for them, Yukio remarks that he heard about the upcoming party and states that Kamiki will be happy when she finds out. Shiemi tells him that she's also partly doing it for her own sake because she wants to celebrate a birthday together with her friends for the first time in her life. She then asks about his and Rin's birthday to which he answers that its on the 27th of December. After inquiring as to whether he ever had a birthday party, Yukio replies that they did, well more or less. Confused, he clarifies saying that because its so close to Christmas, they always celebrated the two occasions simultaneously at the monastery and thus it never had that "birthday feeling". Before leaving, he wishes her a successful party.

Kamiki's birthday cake?
Kamiki's birthday cake?

The next day, Rin reveals his greatest creation, a birthday cake, or so he thought. Bon becomes furious and tells Konekomaru that he was supposed to keep an eye on him. Confused, Yukio and Rin comment that the cake looks fine but soon after learn that what the latter made was really a Christmas cake. After debating what to do with it, they all agreed to give it to Mephisto as a gift for his support. Upon carefully observing the cake, Mephisto decides to taste it, which to his surprise, tastes delicious.

Kamiki's misinterprets Shima and Paku's relationship
Kamiki's misinterprets Shima and Paku's relationship

The following day, Shima meets up with Paku and the two head off to find a gift for Kamiki. Little do they know, Kamiki is seen spying on them in a disguise, curious to find out if couple are indeed dating. Upon entering a jewelry shop, Paku tries on several earrings and asks Shima for his opinion, while Kamiki begins to misinterpret their conversation as signs of a growing romantic relationship. After following them outside, she begins to dread the idea of them falling for each other as she watches Paku offering to share her umbrella with Shima. Suddenly, something gets in Paku's eye prompting Shima to have a look at it. As she turns and moves her face closer to his, Kamiki starts to interpret this as a possible kiss and runs towards them to stop it from happening. However, she trips in the process and falls right in front of them and demands they explain themselves, especially the attempted kiss. The two immediately turn red and reject her ridiculous assumptions, with Shima revealing that they were just shopping for her birthday present.

Upon finding out about her surprise birthday, Kamiki enters her classroom with a dark aura and says she doesn't want to be used for their fun and games. Shiemi apologizes since it was her idea in the first place but Bon tells her not to apologize for trying to make Kamiki happy. He then asks if its such a nuisance to celebrate her birthday to which she says that it isn't but its also unfair to start celebrating them now since several birthdays have already past after starting cram school. She then tells them that they have to do it properly to which Rin proposes they all celebrate each others birthdays even those that will come later.

Yukio's birthday present
Yukio's birthday present

After everyone performed their tasks in preparation for the birthday party, Rin comes into the room with a real looking birthday cake. As he brings it in on a trolley, he accidentally tilts it over causing the cake to tip and fall. However, Konekomaru makes a dive and manages to save it. After they light the candles, they all blow it out together and begin to open their presents by lottery. While this goes on, Shiemi walks up to Yukio who seems to be deep in thought and asks if he's alright. He says that he's fine and tells her that the date of his and Rin's birthday doesn't mean anything since no one knows when or where they were born. All that Shiro told them when they were children is that he found them on a cold and snowy winter day. Suddenly, Shiemi thanks Yukio for being born, adding that it doesn't matter when he was born since it makes her happy that him and Rin are here, prompting Yukio to smile at her kind words. Shima then calls out to them and says that there are two more gifts left for them to choose. To Rin's amusement, Yukio gets novelty glasses and nose and decides to try them on himself. However, his fun is ruined as Yukio informs him that he got a call that their monastery had been attacked.

Points of Interest

  • Shima only does fortunetelling for girls
  • Rin happily gets a bunny plushie as a birthday present
  • Rin and Yukio didn't know the difference between a birthday and Christmas cake
  • Rin and Yukio's birthday is on December 27, Shiemi's birthday is on March 6th, and Kamiki's birthday is on October 11th
  • Shiemi's blood type is B while Kamiki's is A
  • Shima and the other guys were interested in getting scooter licenses
  • Bon, Shima and Paku's birthday already passed (hence it's before October 11)
  • Yukio may have some of Satan's powers in him (Anime only)
  • Konekomaru seems to be less nervous around Rin


  • Japanese Name: "Nandemonai Hi" (なんでもない日)
  • Manga Chapter: None
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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