A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves!

A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 11/07/2002
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Land of Waves Arc

A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves! - 重要任務!波の国へ超出発! (Jūyō ninmu! Nami no Kuni e chō-shuppatsu!)


Opening Theme-

"Rocks" by Hound Dog (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are on a mission. The three act with shinobi tactics and study the situation, their actions are fluid as they work as a team and eventually come to their target. It turns out to be a lost cat, which in turn starts attacking Naruto while the others watch and confirm the success of finding the lost cat with Kakashi. Naruto complains toward Kakashi because all they have been doing are boring missions, and he wants more exciting ones. With the mission a success, the Hokage reads them their next missions: babysitting, grocery shopping at another town, and helping dig up potatoes. Naruto refuses with an over the top big X style arm motion, complaining that he wants to do more exciting missions. Both Sasuke and Sakura agree in their minds. Iruka then gets annoyed and reprimands Naruto for his outbursts. Naruto, still complaining, takes a well placed knock on the head from Kakashi to shut him up.

The Hokage then proceeds to lecture Naruto on what the job of a ninja really is and that jobs range from babysitting to assassinations. He then explains the ranks of the jobs they're in."A" type missions being the most difficult and dangerous, they are left to the Jounin or elite class of ninjas, like the Hokage and Kakashi. "B" type missions are in the mid range and are preformed by the Chuunin or commoner class of ninjas like Iruka. "C" type missions can be done by both Chuunin and Genin or cadets. "D" type missions are the easiest and there for best suited for genin class ninjas. Each class brings a certain cost to the client and is there for revenue for the village. Having finished his rant, Naruto and the others ignore the Hokage and Naruto is talking about what ramen he is going to eat tonight. The Hokage yells at the group for not listening, Naruto says that he is no longer the child prankster he once was, turning his back holding his breath like a kid. Understanding how he feels, the Hokage decides to give the team a C rank mission. The mission is to escort a bridge builder. The Hokage then tells the person to come in. The door slides open to reveal an old man drinking sake out of the bottle, he make several comments about there age and size and really pisses Naruto off. He then introduces himself as Tazuna, an expert bridge builder and states that the job is to get him safely home and protect him till the bridge he is building is done.

Team 7 walks out of the large gates outside of the Hidden Leaf Village and the five figures walking out. Taking the lead, Naruto proclaims his excitement, having never been out of the village and Tazuna makes a comment about Naruto's ability. Naruto mad tells the old man his dream of one day becoming Hokage. The scene flashes to once again show a figure running through the forest. Tazuna responds to Naruto's claim with more snide comments and sends naruto into a fit. The five continue on unaware of the eyes that are upon them, as they walk, Sakura starts asking questions about the country where they are heading to. Kakashi fills them all in about the 5 major countries and the hidden ninja villages within each country, and puts to rest Sakura's fears of them having to fight with other ninjas on this mission.

As Team 7 takes the scenic route, they pass a small puddle that catches Kakashi's eye for a second. Once past the puddle, a head emerges from it, then a body. Another person popping out of the trees threw a ball and chain from his arm and its wrapped around Kakashi. Taken by surprise, Kakashi body is torn to a bloody mess.Shocked by the sudden attack and death of Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto scream out. The two ninjas surround Naruto while he is petrified with fear, but Sasuke thinking fast, tethers there chain to a tree with a well placed shuriken and kunai combo. He then proceeds to land on there arms and kick both of them, they quickly detach the chain and split up, one attacking Naruto and the other going after Tazuna. Sakura, shaken by all the sudden activity, stands her ground as one of the ninjas bares down on the two. Sasuke rushes in front and readies for the attack, when out of nowhere the ninja get attacked by Kakashi. Now holding both ninjas, having used the replacement technique to evade any injury. He apologizes to Naruto for not being fast enough to stop him from getting hurt and compliments Sasuke and Sakura on a job well done. Naruto is mad at the fact that he could do nothing while Sasuke did all the work. Sasuke then asks Naruto if he is alright. Naruto yells at him only to be stopped by Kakashi with the news that the ninjas' claws were poisoned. Naruto's wound needs to be leeched or Naruto will die, Kakashi also tells Tazuna he wishes to talk with him.

With the two ninjas securely tied to a tree, Kakashi tells them how he knew they were being followed and why he let the ninjas attack, Kakashi wanted to see who their target was. He then reprimands Tazuna because he lied in the job description just because he could not afford to state what the real problem was. Faced with the new information and an injured Naruto, the group decides to go back to the village. Naruto pulls out a kunai and thrusts it into his hand, releasing a gush of blood. Naruto then states that he will no longer be a burden to the group and that the mission is still on. Kakashi congratulates Naruto on his bravery but then tells him that he will die of blood loss if he does not take care of the wound. Naruto flails around and shows Kakashi his hand, but because of the nine tails demon sealed inside of naruto it is already healed. Team 7 continues on.

Ending Theme-

"Wind" by Akeboshi

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