A. D. Police Files

A. D. Police Files is an anime series in the Bubblegum Crisis franchise
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A dark spin-off from Toshimichi Suzuki's Bubblegum Crisis

AD police concentrates on the AD(vanced) anti robbot crime division of Mega Tokyo's police force. Leon McNicol, a minor character on the original series, is partnered here with butch lady cop Gena in several investigations that play with ideas of humanity in a high-tech society. The 'voomer' robots here are all female in the man's world of the ADP, where only women who are prepared to become one with machines stand a chance in it. Whereas the device was used in Bubblegum Crisis as an excuse for girls with impressive high-tech kits, here it is far more misogynistic, as femininity is gradually eroded by bionics and prosthetics, taking characters humanity with it. A businesswoman for example, is only successful in the boardroom after she has a hysterectomy, but the trauma turns her into a serial killer. There are shades of Blade Runner in the sex-android stalker that locks onto the man who injured her, and there are blatant steals from Robocop in the final chapter, wherein one of Gena's ex-boyfriends receives so much augmentation that his tongue is the only part of his original body that remains.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 3
The Man Who Bites His Tongue
1 - 2
The Ripper
1 - 1
The Phantom Woman

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Tatsuyuki Tanaka

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General Information Edit
Name A. D. Police Files
Publisher Artmic
Start Year 1990
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Aliases AD Police
AD Police Files
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