A Cruel Game

A Cruel Game is an anime episode of CANAAN that was released on 07/11/2009

Continuing from the last episode, the truck full of CIA paramilitary men is attacked by a military-style helicopter with a secretary named Liang Qi and some guy named Cummings. Apparently, the CIA does not have the firepower to take down a freaking gunship, so the ones that don't get slaughtered by the guns are kicked in the face by Alphard as she breaks herself free and escapes via rope ladder. One man manages to slide out of a burning truck as the rest of his comrades lie dead.

Back in Shanghai, Minoru remembers in a flashback about how Maria came to be his partner. His editor said something about her being one of the few survivors of a biological weapon called the Ua Virus that killed several people in Japan. Some time after that, she expressed a desire to become a real photographer, so the editor wanted Minoru to train her. Later, Minoru asks Maria to tell him whatever he can about that Canaan person after seeing her in various photos that he and Maria took. A waitress with large "meat buns" comes to give them their order, and Minoru holds the food hostage until Maria gives up some information about Canaan.

In the kitchen, in turns out that the waitress indeed stuffed her shirt with real meat buns, "to make the customers happy." Suddenly, a car crashes through the wall of the restaurant and an old man that Minoru spotted from the festival before starts spraying the place with gunfire, apparently gunning for Minoru and Maria. The two of them start running away, trying to dodge the car through the alleyways of the city.

Elsewhere, Liang Qi is reflecting on her deep feelings for her "sister," recalling back at the helicopter where she asked Alphard if she wanted her to kill Canaan for good. But Alphard ignored her and instead asked Cummings for a stock report. Meanwhile, Minoru and Maria continue to dodge the crazed old gunman and manage to stop a taxi. The taxi driver inside seems kind of weird, but he happily drives them away from the gunman, even singing along to a song Maria likes on the radio. Eventually, the taxi driver drives them off of a large, unfinished road onto the top of a building, and they miraculously survive. However, the gunman is still shooting at them, until Canaan shows up.

The old man and his son decide to switch targets and instead focus on Canaan, while Maria shouts at Canaan exactly where they live and to come visit sometime soon. Canaan fights the old man on top of a bus, who seems surprisingly agile for his age, but with her synesthesia she is able to dodge the man's bullets, and then hit him into some electric wiring, shocking him to death. Strangely, the kid refers to the old man as "brother." Meanwhile, as Minoru and Maria return to their hotel room, they find everything smeared in blood and are kicked out as a result. Minoru tries to think about the strange markings he saw at the festival, while Maria is playing with some stray cats. Minoru looks up, and finds himself facing what appears to be a catgirl.

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Leraldo Anzaldua ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Jouji (George) Nakata ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Masahiro Ando Director A japanes animator/director who has worked in popular shows including Canaan, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Takashi Takeuchi Music Character artist and cofounder of Type Moon, who's work includes the originals of Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and CANAAN.


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