A Crude Panic on the Beach!

A Crude Panic on the Beach! is an anime episode of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero that was released on 08/17/2012
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
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While Akatsuki and friends participate in a game of Beach Swimsuit Tag, powerful figures in Alayzard hatch a plan to find and retrieve Miu.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Myuu's new Bikini
Myuu's new Bikini

Myuu finds her black bikini too tight, and she tries another one. In Princess Listy's world, Princess Listy agrees with the alliance, and Lord Baram wants them to hunt for the Demon Lord's missing daughter. Queen Listy objects and states that the devil clan has lived peacefully. The Pope agrees with Lord Baram that the Myuu is still a threat. Nanase complains about having exams during vacation, and Ryouhei states that the family they saved during the hotel hijacking rewarded them with the beach. Ryouhei reminds her that she told the mother that she saved the girl, but Akatsuki is the one who saved the girl. Chikage and Kuzuha shows off her bikini, and Chikage asks Akatsuki for his opinions. Akatsuki states they look great and asks for Myuu who is quite bashful. He reassures Myuu that every other girl is wearing more revealing swimwear than her. Myuu asks Nanase to join her, and Ryouhei tells her to go along to return Akatsuki the favor. After a montage of fun things, Akatsuki and the others find Kaidou working at the swimsuit event. He asks them if they want to participate.

In the first game, the winner is the one who can get the most swimsuits off a person. The number hits 88 which is Akatsuki, and the lady tells him that he can hide anywhere in ten seconds and remain hidden for one hour. Akatsuki remembers this game is like being chased by the Valkyries. Two girls attack him, and Akatsuki stripped them. Some guys and girls attack Akatsuki only to be stripped of their clothes. Back in the Queen Listy's world, Lord Baram states that Myuu could have hidden in another world and that it's Akatsuki's doing. Back at the beach, Myuu and the other girls huddle to formulate a plan. Kuzuha and Chikage use their magic at Akatsuki who runs towards from the sea. Akatsuki falls down into a pitfall, and when the girls think of a way to humiliate Akatsuki, Akatsuki takes Chikage from underground and strips her.

Kaidou: You can't strip the loli
Kaidou: You can't strip the loli

Looking at Kuzuha's one piece, Akatsuki tells Kuzuha that she will not feel a thing. Before he can strip her, Kaidou stops Akatsuki and reminds him that they are broadcasting this game. He tells him that the show will get cancelled if they have a little girl undress. Nanase runs and hides into the shower room. Akatsuki enters the women's shower room, and he states that the lady said he can hide in any building. When Akatsuki gets distracted by Minami who is washing herself, Nanase jumps over Akatsuki and tries to attack. However, she slips on a soap bar. Nanase finds both of her bikini top and bottom taken off. (Akatsuki has been taking tops off) In the sea, Akatsuki finds Myuu hiding herself, and Akatsuki tells her that her top is see through. He gropes Myuu to cover her and to prevent her bra from slipping out.

Jumping from the water, Akatsuki carries Myuu. Back in Queen Listy's world, they wait for Lord Baram at the dimensional gate. When Queen Listy mentions that only people like Akatsuki can pass, Lord Baram reveals Phil Bannet who will locate and capture Myuu. When Phil asks Lord Baram if Akatsuki stops him, Lord Baram tells Phil that he can kill Akatsuki. Furthermore, Lord Baram states that Akatsuki is a rogue hero while Leon Esperio is a true hero because he died protecting Akatsuki from the demon lord. Queen Listy asks Lord Baram to retract his statement, and Zechs asks Phil to let him test Phil's abilities.

Points of Interest

  • New Characters: Pope of Church of Rishal - Volk Rem Alecrast IV, Archbishop Miranda Qwenty, Zechs Doltrich (Sylphish Commander-in-chief), Rutie Torm (Sylphish Minister of Internal Affairs), Lord Baram (Emperor of Disdia AKA Baram Die Alone Disdia), and Phil Bannet.
  • Princess Listy is now Queen of Sylphish.
  • Minami tans because some folks told her that pale skin is not healthy.
  • Akatsuki can run on water which includes quicksand.


  • Japanese Name: "Nagisa no Kichiku Panikku!" (渚の鬼畜パニック!)
  • Opening Theme:
  • Ending Theme:

Characters & Voice Actors

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Rion Kujo Director
Hiroshi Tsukada Character Artist/Designer Hiroshi Tsukada is the illustrator of Hagure Yusha no Estetica characters.
Tetsuto Uesu Original Concept Tetsuto Uesu is the original creator of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Light Novel.


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