A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill's Happiness

A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill's Happiness is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 06/17/2011

Episode Commentary

 Avril, in fairy costume.
 Avril, in fairy costume.
It's Christmas at the Academy, with everyone dressed in costumes. Kazuya, arriving back, is confused about what is going on until Avril, dressed in costume herself, tells him this happens every Christmas.  
 Cecile&squot;s "Monstre Charmant" costume
 Cecile's "Monstre Charmant" costume
They meet up with Sophie and Cecile, who find in the attic, an old party dress once belonging to Sophie. it was used in costume at the time they were students, but was put away in storage. Cecile also pulled out her costume, one of Le Monstre Charmant.
Avril then explained the story.

Le Monstre Charmant

 Monstre Charmant
 Monstre Charmant
In the past, there was a monster who took the form of a little girl, who was accompanied by a rabbit. the monster used its powers to help the underprevilaged, and the rabbit was its guarding, protecting the monster against those who tried to harm it. however, a person in power sought to capture the monster, and staged an attack, killing the rabbit. however, when the person reached the monster, it had already died. it was then discovered that the monster and the rabbit were one, and the Rabbit had the heart of the monster.
Cecile decides to give Kazuya the heart costume, and tells him to give the dress to Victorique. however, she does it in front of Avril, forgetting that she has feelings for Kazuya. Cecile tries to recompense by  giving Avril a dress, but after she declines  she made Avril the costume queen of the day.
 Victorique's and Kazuya's costumes.
 Victorique's and Kazuya's costumes.
Kazuya tries to put on Victorique's costume with difficulty, saying how she ate too many sweets, and aptly got hit for the comment. she eventually gets her costume on, and Kazuya escorts her to the party. when they arrive, everyone fusses over Victorique's dress, and they enjoy the party. 

 Unwrapping gifts.
 Unwrapping gifts.
When thew time came to collect presents from the tree, Victorique declines, despite Avril and Kazuya's insistence.  he picks out a small black and white gift in the back of the tree, and unwraps it to find a ring. Victorique noted that due to his personality of holding back, he found a gift that seemed plain, but evoked someone. he thanks her for the comment, and says he'd keep the ring as an heirloom, and rushes out to get her present.
Avril, who saw the conversation between Victorique and Kazuya, walks outside, musing about not being picked by Kazuya, when she sees cars arriving at the academy.
As Kazuya gets the gift for Kazuya from his room and returns, he gets stopped by some officials, who take him into custody. Avril, Cecile and Sophie appear outside, confused, and are told that the orders for Kazuya's arrest come from the King. Kazuya mangaes to give the gift to Avril, telling her to take it to Victorique. who slowly agrees.
 King Rupert's Counsel.
 King Rupert's Counsel.
It turns out that Kazuya was being deported back to Japan for protection, due to the outbreak of war that was impending. The king is in counsel with his cabinet, Roget and Marquis De blois included. they mentioned in their discussions of a rumor saying that le monstre charmant had returned to Saubure.
Back at the academy, Victorique, unknowing of Kazuya's arrest, anticipates his return.
In Saubureme, the men in custody explained to Kazuya why he was being taken away. he then remembers the prophet's message, about being separated by a gale that would shake the world. however, the car is stopped, and men call for Kazuya's interrogation. however, he jumps out of the car and runs, saying he wouldn't be separated like this. however, he gets pulled into an alleyway by Luigi, escaping the police.
An underground gathering starts in the street ahead, and starts a riot beween police and the resistance. Luigi and Kazuya use the opportunity to escape in the other direction. They escape to Luigi's house. he explains that he's adopted into a rich family, but returns to Saubureme every so often to reminisce.
He explains that the poeple in the rabbit souts are part of an underground group calling on the return of Monstre Charmant, and effectively are calling for war, while the royal police are trying to stop them. Kazuya gets an uneasy feeling and decides he needs to get to Victorique immediately. Luigi manages to help. 
The next day, they meet up with Jaqueline, and she suggests contacting Grevil for assistance. Back at the Academy, more foreign exchange students are forced to leave.
Avril is in the tower with Victorique, who is still in the dress from the night before. she had opened her present, and is motionless, looking at her gift from Kazuya, the pendant he bought in Saubureme. despite Avril's attempts to cheer Victorique up, both are visibly upset of Kazuya's disappearance. she eventually offers to get lunch for the both of them. Victorique reads a note in the box, which says he'd always be there if she calls on him, but calls him a liar, saying she's calling out for him.
 Victorique threatens suicide than aiding the ministry of the Occult.
 Victorique threatens suicide than aiding the ministry of the Occult.
As the evevator comes back up, Victorique, thinking Avril was on it, called out to her, but Grevil had arrived. he was here to bring her back to her father, calling her Monstre Charmant. however, in desparation, Victorique put a knife to her throat, and said she would rather die than become the Ministry of the Occult's slave again. she predicts that her existence would have a great effect on the war, causing much bloodshed, and broken families, like her own.
 Victorique crying.
 Victorique crying.

however, Grevil doesn't acknowledge her, walking to the window. realizing what was going on, she ran to the window to see Kazuya waving at her. Grevil comments that Kazuya doesn't realize that he has become a hostage, and his safety is dependant on Victorique's cooperation. shocked at her brother's words, and after hearing Kazuya shouting out this was not the end, reluctantly she agrees, as he his held again, and taken away. Victorique sreams out and cries for Kazuya.

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