Claymore #14 - A Child Weapon

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 03/03/2009

Plot Summary

Shueisha Edition Release Date: May 2, 2008

Proper Japanese Title: Osanaki Kyōjin (幼き凶刃)

In their hunt for Galatea, the Organization's former number 3, Clarice and Miata enter the Holy City of Rabona, but what they encounter there is far beyond anything they could have anticipated. Also included in this volume are bonus stories of Priscilla and Isley's first meeting, and of Clare's training at the Organization.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 074: "The Woman's Prayer" (淑女の祈り "Shukujo no Inori")

Tankōbon: "A Child Weapon, Part 2" (幼き凶刃 Ⅱ "Osanaki Kyōjin II")

  • Chapter 075: "Red Rain" (赤き雨 "Akaki Ame")

Tankōbon: "A Child Weapon, Part 3" (幼き凶刃 Ⅲ "Osanaki Kyōjin III")

  • Chapter 076: "Beyond all Expectations" (思惑の果て "Omowaku no Hate")

Tankōbon: "A Child Weapon, Part 4" (幼き凶刃 Ⅳ "Osanaki Kyōjin IV")

  • Chapter 077: "Codependence" (共依存 "Kyōizon")

Tankōbon: "A Child Weapon, Part 5" (幼き凶刃 Ⅴ "Osanaki Kyōjin V")

  • Extra Scene 3: "A Chance Encounter in the North" (北の邂逅 "Kita no Kaikō")
  • Extra Scene 4: "Untarnished Resolve" (錆なき覚悟 "Sabinaki Kakugo")


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