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I made an awkward sex pun. Bitches love awkward sex puns.
I made an awkward sex pun. Bitches love awkward sex puns.

The Rundown

Yesterday, Funimation announced its cast for A Certain Magical Index. I would love to sit here and tell you the high lights of this great show, but I have never seen it. The trailer looks like a cool indie inspired superhero/magical girl thing and it seems like a fun time waster. I am bad example of these shows, because unless it is, Is This A Zombie, my brain turns off when I hear the term Magical Girl. Check out the info below.

English Dub Cast




Austin Tindle


Jason Liebrecht


Lindsay Seidel


Mike McFarland


Monica Rial


Micah Solusod


Morgan Garrett


Alexis Tipton


Jād Saxton


Alison Viktorin


Brittney Karbowski


Brittney Karbowski


Scott Freeman


Stephanie Young


Robert McCollum


Christopher R. Sabat


Newton Pittman


Martha Harms


Caitlin Glass

Synopsis: (From Funimation Press Release)

Science and sorcery make for an explosive mix in A Certain Magical Index, an enthralling experiment in sci-fi adventure from the studio that brought you Toradora and Slayers Revolution!

Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people use science to develop supernatural abilities. The guy’s got a lot of heart – luckily for a young nun named Index. She’s on the run from a sorcery society that covets the astonishing 103,000 volumes of magical knowledge stored in her memory. When Index stumbles into Kamijo’s life, she find a faithful friend and protector, and while Kamijo’s easily the weakest kid in Academy City, he’s got something else going for him: the Imagine Breaker, an unexplainable power stored in his right hand that negates the powers of others. With scientists and sorcerers attacking from all sides, the Imagine Breaker will definitely come in handy – but it’s Kamijo’s loyalty to Index that will be his greatest weapon in the fight to keep her safe.


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Actually I was just making a comparison between this series and Is This a Zombie in another thread. This show is like that one but with an evolving plot and much more action. However, I assume this dub covers just season 1 which was a little less focused than season 2. Basically, superpowers exist and there are schools which teach you how to control your abilities. All abilities conform to a set of scientific rules so you can improve your powers based around those principles. However, unbeknownst to your average citizen, magic also exists and its fundamentals can not be ascertained through the same manner. Enter, Toma Kamijo (voiced by Micah Solusod) a less than average guy with no powers what to speak of when into his life falls Index (Monica Rial), a young girl whose memory has been turned into a library for 103,000 magical grimoires. She's on the run from nefarious magical authorities and has wound up in the city of science. In the shadows, the forces of magic and those who manage science often come into violent conflict. An acquaintance of Toma's is Mikoto Misaka (Brittney Karbowski), a very powerful telekinetic who can accelerate a coin to supersonic speeds. The three share an adventure in the city as he is pulled into both worlds simultaneously.

The trailer for the dub didn't sound horrible, but Solusod's Toma seemed to lack vocal strength compared to his Japanese counterpart. Karbowski's Misaka sounded pretty good and Rail's Index was as good as can be expected under the circumstance. When it comes to the high-pitched voiced characters, English rarely sounds right.

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I heard about this show, but I haven't had time to try it. I'm somewhat familiar with the VA like Austin Tindle who voiced Ayumu Aikawa in Kore wa Zombie and Alzack Connell (a minor role in Fairy Tail).**

Good job with the dub cast news!


**Not enough to connect with the trailer. I tend to do dub cast news blog for anime I'm interested in. It was strange but cool to see Gintama movie, Blue Exorcist, and Kore wa Zombie announcing dub this year.

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