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It took an episode break or two for me to realize this was related to that CERTAIN SCIENTIFIC RAILGUN show that Sam ragged on during the “Most Hated Tropes” episode of the Vice Pit. A quick glance at our database shows that there are at least two other related shows in this franchise, so there’s a chance the he may have watched a different one. Go figure. I’ve never been one to “power through” a series, anyway, and I can already sense that this is another jumble of interesting ideas that aren’t likely to come together in any coherent fashion.

Actually, this episode alone might have to be one of the more disjointed pilots I’ve seen here. There’s a good chance that this is a follow-up to something else and, thus, there’s a lot of backstory that hasn’t been properly re-introduced. Either way, my head was spinning a little over how exactly we went from some tense cold opener about electromancer cabals to a drawn-out, Beckett-esque parody of magical girls. It spun even faster when the plot shifted to a high school comedy with the perplexing hook of a city where, apparently, every building is some manner of learning institute.

I’m not poo-pooing the notion of a town with more schools per block than Bean Town It’s just that it seems rather… whimsical for a series about the aforementioned electromancer cabals. I’m also still trying to wrap my head around why that meet-cute with the coco-crazy walking library went on for as long as it did. It felt like my big scale anime abruptly lost its budget and was forced to relocate to a black box theater to try out some improve comedy troop’s graduation sketch or something.

Maybe this all makes sense if I’ve watched the other series. Maybe so - - I’m still not hooked.

Watch this episode, "Academy City” here and decide for yourself.

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I guess I'm more lenient than you are; I gave the show three episodes before I dropped it. From what was featured in those episodes, the show's basically a 'bare-bones' shonen with a two-episode arch with a different bad guy trying to get the magical girl back to their society. As for the potentially interesting ideas this show has, I assume it runs into the same problem Steins;Gate ran into with its "text from the future" schtick: the interesting sci-fi isn't enough to carry the series past the similar tropes we've seen before.

I may be wrong, but I doubt much will get me to watch the rest of the series.

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Actually, this episode alone might have to be one of the more disjointed pilots I’ve seen here. There’s a good chance that this is a follow-up to something else and, thus, there’s a lot of backstory that hasn’t been properly re-introduced.

Yeah... A Certain Scientific Railgun.

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hmm I would always say interesting sci-fi is enough to get past most anything. Especially if it comes along with interesting philosophy...but then I love Stein's Gate

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I saw the first episode if this a while back. I think was right around the time I stopped watching fansubs. I remember it being ok but I couldn't be bothered to check it our again. Probably never will.
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The problem with the Index series is very much how disjointed it is. It also doesn't help how most of the characters are not very likable with only Mikoto Misaka being the most interesting character. In fact, it is the reason why A Certain Scientific Railgun was made to focus on Mikoto.

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Am I the only one noticing that Tom stated the title of the series wrong? It's 'A Certain Magical Index' not 'A Certain Scientific Index'.

I watched an episode or two but haven't went back to it yet. The plot is interesting.

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@sotyfan16: You should when ya get the time. Do series 1 of magic then railgun then season 2 of magic . The world built well they have rules an with magic an science.Its just maybe 7sh episodes in beofre i really started to like it.Heck it felt like the previous episodes set up one joke .... an i laughted hard .

For those thinking its the same patern as say bleech its not. Actualy its closer to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood it does have shorter sub plots an archs but they still cary over an their is a felling of time with railgun an magic .I dare say it has its ruff spots but it is closer to being as good as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood overall.But its a slow build .Then it romps threw stories an characters at a good pace with arch, plot an subplot working much less disjointed.

Its probly not near as popular because christian religion bashing .But the over all themes can get intresting about salavation,devotion ,forgivness,an even conviction.also fanservice here an there not real ecchi tho.Great aniamtion overall to.I dont think its one that will grab Tom so much because it has a few more meh episodes than Tiger & Bunny which if any thing fits its over all style for comedy an action but with blood.

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