A bordo! - La battaglia finale

A bordo! - La battaglia finale is an anime episode of La storia della Arcana Famiglia that was released on 08/05/2012

Pirates have landed in Regalo Island and have kidnapped Nova’s father, Moreno. The family is told to wait but Nova, Libertà, and Felicitá move to rescue Moreno without permission.

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Plot Summary

La Tenebrore Addormentaro
La Tenebrore Addormentaro

Luca and Felicitá are heading towards a meeting, and along the way, they pick up Libertà. In the meeting, Jolly debriefs them about pirates who have landed in Regalo Island. The pirates have kidnapped Nova's father, Moreno (Mondo's older brother). Jolly tells them that they cannot rescue Nova's father yet. When Nova exits the meeting without a care for his father, Libertà demands Nova to save his father. Otherwise, he thinks Nova would regret it. Felicitá arrives and wants Nova and Libertà to go rescue Nova's father together. The three head to the harbor where they take a small boat. Arriving on the pirates' ship, Nova sneaks with his group where they hear the pirates talking about the sleeping hostage. Heading downstairs, the group hide underneath the stairs. When Felicitá huddles close with her breasts pressing against Libertà's back, Libertà loses his grip and falls. They make a noise which alerts the guard. The guard signals and more pirates arrive. Felicitá and the gang find themselves outnumbered; Nova tells his group to retreat, so he can use his Arcana Powers. The two watch Nova put the enemies to sleep with his powers, and Nova explains that they will wake up once he falls unconscious.

Pensiero Realizzare
Pensiero Realizzare

While Felicitá and Liberta are looking for Moreno, Felicitá gives Libertà her pep talk. They find Moreno and carried him back to Nova. Libertà sees Nova smiling for a change. The three make their way up to the deck of the ship where a masked man confronts them. As Libertà remembers his past with the same masked man, the masked man attacks Libertà. While Libertà is in combat, he tells Nova to let him deal with it. Felicitá throws her knife at the masked man, and when the two engage the intruder together, the enemy kicks Liberta causing Libertà to dive into Felicita's chest. Felicita kicks Libertà for being a pervert, and he pushes her away before the enemy attacks them. Libertà rushes at the enemy and signals Felicitá who throws a knife at the mask. Libertà kicks the man at the mast which falls towards Felicitá. Before the mast could crush Felicitá, Libertà uses his Arcana Powers to shatter the mast. He remembers what has happened in the past and how he saved Dante. When Felicitá tries to help Libertà who has collapsed, Dante knocks her out. It turns out that Dante has this act orchestrated to help Libertà and Nova honed their Arcana Powers.

Later in a prison cell, Jolly informs them that there was no masked man. Since they disobeyed a direct order, Jolly punishes them by having them locked in his cell for two days and one night. He informs them that the incident seems like a test for their Arcana Powers.

After the credits, Jolly and the two play a game. When Libertà loses the game, he is forced to drink a concoction made by Jolly. Liberta starts confessing to his carnal urges about Felicitá until Nova knocks him out.

Points of Interest

  • Moreno is Nova's father and Mondo's older brother.
  • Nova show his Arcana Powers for the first time.
  • Libertà remembers what has happened on that day and what Arcana technique he used.

Moves Used

  • La Tenebrore Addormentato - Nova used this to make his opponents sleep.
  • Pensiero Realizzare - Libertà uses this technique to shatter objects.


  • Japanese Name:
  • Opening Theme: "Magenta Another Sky" by Hitomi Harada
  • Ending Theme: "Pieces of Treasure" by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga

Characters & Voice Actors

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Chiyomi Sara Original Concept She's the original character designer of Arcana Famiglia, so she counts as Original Concept.
Chiaki Kon Director She's the director of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.


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