A Bomb, a Book, and a Sinking Ship

A Bomb, a Book, and a Sinking Ship is an anime episode of The Book of Bantorra that was released on 10/02/2009

The episode begins with Colio Tonies stuck in a room robotically agreeing with propoganda being played from a phonograph from the Church of Drowning in God's Grace. Colio refers to himself as a bomb.

Somewhere off the coast, Hamutz and Mirepoch start to coordinate a raid on an old tanker called the Silver Smoke containing several "Meats," literally people who have been turned into brainwashed slaves for the purposes of the Church and thought of as little more than meat. Somewhere inside the tanker, Segal and Ganbanzel are having a meal as Segal declares his book will be one of the best books ever when he dies.

As the Armed Librarians prepare to attack in a speedboat, one of the Church's "Fake Men" spots them and starts dropping Meats into the water with bombs planted in their chests to drive them away. Eventually, the Armed Librarians make it to the ship and start attacking it, trying to rescue as many of the Meats as they can. Unfortunately, the ship is rigged to explode, and when it does sink the Meat have been so brainwashed they lack even basic self-preservation instincts anymore. Volken reaches an outstretched hand towards the sinking form of Colio and asks if his life is really so worthless. Colio doesn't respond until a piece of a book touches his chest, revealing the face of a young woman saying something to him.

Eventually, the scene switches back to the library, where some of the librarians (including Hamutz) talk about a witch named Shiron Byacornise. Almost three centuries ago, she apparently held the cure to a horrible disease known as the "Dragon Pneumonia," but withheld the cure for awhile so she could profit off of people's suffering. If anyone tried to fight her, she cut them down with a powerful sword called "Shlamuffen."

Somehow, Colio regains his will to live thanks to a vision of Shiron saying that she loves him from the piece of a stone book that touched him as he sank into the ocean, and he reappears in a nearby town. However, a few members from the Church (including Segal) are there to remind Colio of his mission: "Kill Hamyuts Meseta."

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mattalast Balory ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Toru Okawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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