A Big Brother Should Always...

A Big Brother Should Always... is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 04/06/2013

As the survival training trek through the desert draws to a close. Team E enjoys a beautiful meteor shower under the beautiful desert night sky. Mutta takes this chance to reflect on how important his relationship with his brother has been in making it to where he is today (See point of interest 2).

A Big Brother Should Always...


As Mutta and the rest of Team E sit under the stars enjoying the beautiful meteor shower, they struggle to find words to describe just how beautiful it is. Kenji tries his hand and says, sitting under the stars it's as if the starts are trying to suck him up into the sky and that makes them feel like a part of the universe. Mutta finds a Couch's spadefoot toad nearby and everyone is impressed by Mutta's knowledge of wildlife. Mutta and Hibito were pretty crazy about observing wildlife when they were little. It was on July 9, 2006 when Mutta and Hibito went out at night to observe the sounds and life of the forest, when they saw a UFO, which sparked their journey to go to space!


On May 2025, Hibito was doing a panel with other astronauts from NASA. Many press were interested in Hibito being the first Japanese man to go to the Moon. Hibito noted that there was one person who was supposed to land on the Moon before him (referring to his brother Mutta). Meanwhile Mutta had been fired from his job at an auto company. Mutta headbutted his boss because his boss was insulting Hibito. This led Mutta to move back in with his parents and start job hunting.

Hibito messages Mutta
Hibito messages Mutta

Another event that inspired Mutta and Hibito to go to space was meeting Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri. When they took a picture with him, Mohri placed his hand on their backs as if he was giving them a push to go to space. When Mutta was down about his failed job hunting, Hibito encouraged Mutta to listen to the tape they recorded on July 9, 2006. Mutta listens to it and is reminded of the UFO they say together and the promises they made. Hibito promised to go to the Moon and Mutta, of course trying to lead his younger brother, promised to go to Mars!

Just as Mutta began to lose hope doing odd jobs, he came home one day and received a package from JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency). Hibito had asked his mother to send in Mutta's resume to apply for an upcoming astronaut selection examinations. Mutta's dream of going to space stayed alive thanks to this. Meanwhile Hibito continued to train hard in Houston, Texas with NASA in preparation for his trip to the Moon.

Mutta plays a melody after he passes
Mutta plays a melody after he passes

Before Mutta decided to take the first exam, a written exam, he visited Sharon, a woman who studies the stars at her own observatory. She made friends with Hibito and Mutta when they were children. Sharon encouraged Mutta by recalling that when Mutta was a child, he would always try to find the biggest challenges to take on. For example, when asked what musical instrument he would like to learn, Mutta decided to try all the ones that Sharon had and settled on the trumpet because "it's the hardest to learn." Sharon told Mutta "you have to make noise first, before you can make music." When Mutta was younger, he promised Sharon that he would go to the Moon before Hibito and build the "Sharon Telescope" which would let people see further into space.

Close to the Moon
Close to the Moon

Having cleared his head by talking with Sharon, Mutta studied for and attended JAXA's written exam, even though of the roughly 300 people taking the exam, only a handful would become astronauts. A few weeks later the results came in and Mutta had successfully passed the written exam and moved on to the next stage. Mutta celebrated this success by going out and playing a melody on his trumpet. Back under the stars, Team E enjoys one last spectacular view of the huge glowing Moon. Mutta jokes that it looks so close that maybe if he yells loud enough Hibito will hear him.

Points of Interest

  • The title for this episode is a shortened version of Mutta's motto, "A big brother should always stay ahead of his little brother. This is his duty for having been born earlier." This has been a huge theme throughout the series, how much of Mutta's striving is simply to compete with his brother?
  • Although this might seem like a recap episode, it only really draws upon story from the first 2 episodes along with other story bits revealed in other episodes to help draw the picture of Mutta striving to follow his brother into space.
  • A semi-running joke in this episode is that Serika, out of the corner of her eye, mistakes a cactus for Mutta.

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