A - A

A - A is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 11/19/2009

Eve and Adam Blade begin to introduce themselves to each other, but Eve is terrible with names so she refers to him as "Ishida." While Blade tries to help Eve with studying, she keeps messing up her lessons and replacing the real words with words that mean something to her (lots of Japanese wordplay, too much to explain here).

Gido and the project team start thinking about the future as they continue to study both Adam and Eve, however, a curious black figure emerges from a landfill and runs all the way back to the facility. It seems to be the body of Adam Arclight, who is able to kill most of the facility's security very quickly and can absorb the impact of bullets. However, he is missing a right eye and a heart, and goes all the way down into the basement to find his missing pieces.

Gido's superior tells him that the basement apparently holds the remains of the real Second Jesus, who was apparently killed by Japanese forces and then partially preserved in a glowing tube. Gido wonders how that could be possible, but then mentions an evil committee composed of 666 members (yeah, real original there).

Arclight reaches the tube with the Second's remains, and tries to absorb them for himself, but he ends up reacting strangely with them to the point where the whole facility explodes. The only apparent survivors are Gido, Adam Blade, and Eve who put up a large shield at the last second. However, Blade doesn't seem to remember anything from the past, so Gido takes them both to hide out in the Black Spot.

The scene finally switches back to the present, where Gido looks horrified because the same explosive reaction seems to be happening again between Blade and Arclight.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Si Min Lee Key Animator
Midori Otsuka Animation Director


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