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A series of costume-dramas in which Cyborg 009-creator Shotaro Ishino-mori plays out modern situations against the backdrop of samurai-era Japan. Linked by the wandering character, Kosanma, the stories include a man's desire to light up the sky with fireworks, a battle between a freelancer and a large company, a girl growing up in the Edo-period version of a massage parlor, and a man searching for a way to get a girl to love him.

The first episode was a 30-minute special, with subsequent parts screened irregularly as part of the Gimme a Break show on TBS. For an SF update of the same mean city streets, see Cyber City Oedo 808, which also takes its name from the 808 city blocks of old-time Tokyo.

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General Information Edit
Name 808 Districts
Romaji: Ishinomori Shotaro no 808 Hyori
Publisher ?
Start Year 1990
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Aliases Shotaro Ishinomori's 808 Districts
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