7. Shrine Gates

7. Shrine Gates is an anime episode of Shakugan no Shana III that was released on 11/19/2011

Sakai Yuji is seen standing on the roof. The Lord inside of him, SoF, is talking to Alastor how he manage to survive on the abyss. He tells him, that when he's brought to it, he gave the Priestess a spell to craft a vessel that can enforce his will and power. He also declares that the place where he's standing is the nearest place to where his true body is.

In a certain place, there's a rinne lays down on the floor, die. The cause is Hecate, standing in front of Shana, with a kind of angry face. She then tells Shana that she's just a nuisance for their plan, and she's not needed. After she tells her that, she begins to attack Shana. Without Alastor with her and her ability is sealed by the Tartaros, Shana's unable to face Hecate alone, and she's bounce off the wall and falls. When Hecate is about to eliminate her, Yuji comes in time.

SoF tells Hecate that it's alright, and Hecate replies that it's not alright, because the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter is the flame haze of a God that can even slay another God, and she's a threat. SoF then tells her the purpose of capturing Shana: because of the love that the mystes, Sakai Yuji bears for her, and, to prevent Alastor making a contract with another person and perform the Heavenly Destruction Earth Break in time. Yuji then takes Shana.

Ogata and Yoshida are walking together in the rain. Yoshida tells Ogata that Margery is working overseas (to hide the fact that she's actually in a bad condition). Ogata wonders where do Eita and Keisaku go, but she decides not to think about it and make a party when everyone's back. Then, Ogata leaves Yoshida alone. Yoshida keeps walking when suddenly she meets Khamsin again.

At Seireiden, Dantalion, Bel Peol, and Lamies are seen standing in front of a huge spell. They talks about the spell and at the end Lamies decides to investigate it, because it seems kind of unnatural.

At a certain bar, Sydonay is seen drinking with some of his army. Then, a certain denizen comes and talks to him, tells him not to worry about the plan, which is to prevent flame hazes to reach seireiden.

Back to Yoshida and Khamsin. Khamsin asks Yoshida whether she's going to ask his help to save Yuji, not to fight him, but Yoshida says that she's not going to stop him to fight Yuji, because everyone risks their lives on the battle, so she doesn't have the right to stop him. Just when Khamsin and Behemoth are about to go, Yoshida stops them and asks them about Giralda.

After the talk with her, Khamsin and Behemoth really think that humans are interesting and wonderful creatures, and that's why their fight has meaning. Khamsin decides to tell Yoshida a story about a prince from the middle-eastern country (I guess it's his own past) that fought a denizen that attacked his country. Naturally, the prince lost. Just when the monster was about to eat him, a strange voice appeared and offered him to be a flame haze. The prince accepted the offer and he successfully drove the monster. When he got back, everyone forgot about him, and he traveled around the world to find the monster. He then found the monster, one that he really hate, but in other hand, one that he love. The monster also love him, but at the end the prince killed it. They knew that they would regret it, but they still did it. That was love, in a sense.

After telling Yoshida the story, Khamsin leaves her.

At Seireiden, Yuji visits Shana room to pick her up. Shana's dressed in an elegant red and black dress with frilly laces, and her hair's tied up. Yuji tells Shana that he's going to embark on a journey. Shana asks SoF what is he going to do to Yuji after his body's recovered. He tells Shana that he's not going to throw him away, because he's too valuable to simply discard.

Outside, everyone is waiting for SoF's words. SoF begins his speech, telling them to protect the seireiden with all of their costs, so that he can recover his other self and comes to the world.

After that, Yuji holds Shana hands and tells her that he's going to be back, and show the world his desire to change. With those words, he flies to the sky, followed by the Trinity, and they're gone.

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Noizi Ito Concept Artist A renowned character designer for light novels and visual novels.
Takahashi Yashichiro Original Concept The creator of Shakugan no Shana and A/B Extreme.
Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Yasuko Kobayashi Series Composition Mangaka
Mai Otsuka Character Artist/Designer
Ko Otani Music A musician and prolific composer of anime, film and video game scores.
Ryo Music The founding member of Supercell who provides the music and lyrics for the group.


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