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Ponyo is coming out on the 14th of August, and despite being one of his better films - just like many of his works as soon as it comes state side - Miysaki's films have made art house numbers. Despite Pixar's prodding and planning (and unfortunately lack of coverage from this site and other anime sites on the actual dub director - I had to hear it from Variety and Variety doesn't do shit anymore ever since Nikki Finke has out scooped them many times and been looking for a suitor in around that time) I have my doubts how the movie is going to translate in a nation so infatuated with Wii, Miss Cyrus and Jonas (both families have kids who are the major voice actors in the movie).  And no matter how beautiful the movie is, its still considered a second class issuance from the basis of many of the old guard of Disney and the TAG unions.  
I wish i could tell you otherwise - But I will state this - the Industry is about to suffer a dislocation. I believed the correction for anime was over - and it is in a way - but since the fan-base has gotten rid of their intellectual leaders (not unlike the car Industry) and supported the perverted pirates - there is a sense that Disney and the rest can game the system both in Wall Street and Main Street and use what they have been doing for the past 40 years when it comes to animation - the nine old (heres the important part) "Nice honest American" men and there legacy continues in "The Princess and the Frog". 
And they will succeed no matter what. 
But when it comes this Genre they cant even figure out how to make success? Its really, really simple.  
Disney has been out of touch for years. You can see based on the news reports and issues about "The Princess and the Frog". The reason Miss Cyrus and other productions have succeeded is the same reason Britney (Later on) and Annette Funichello did - Disney is great in making Icons and Symbology, but their MAIN story-lines have been the same for the past 70 years - give or take comic quirk that Disney (the man, not the company) added in the movies.  That in and of itself isnt the worst thing in the world. But it does get tiresome. 
One of 4Kids's great moments was anime's greatest moment. Pokemon's 80 Million dollar rise to fame. The whole animation world was bitterly stunned (the unions and the Major Kids Companies)... How can a small rag tag group out of the City that Never Sleeps, make Disney, Nick and Warner Brothers quake in their boots?   
Looking back - it was simple. It was the same way Disney worked the media - it was at a time when we had the dot.com bubble and we needed a CEO that made sense. That Old media needed newer fresher looks. 4Kids put all the pieces and made a masterpiece - bringing anime out of the dumps and into a semi mainstream acceptance. 
Today - All I hear is the same fans who came to the anime world (or some who completed that Journey) because of that movie - waiting to dance on the grave of the company they so now hate - at the same time hoping against hope that a company who never really looked at the Genre in a positive light (outside of Disney himself when it came to Tesuka) will make magic strike again. 
It cant happen.  
Its isn't really the fault of Disney nor the fault of 4Kids. 
I kept saying this again and again but Im saying in terms that maybe, finally you can all understand.  
How can you promote a Genre which fan-base is seen by the mainstream as perverted?  
Its extremely difficult. In fact if one doesn't have the work ethic as Al Kahn - its nearly impossible.  (and dont fucking tell me anybody else in the dubbing industry has that work ethic, because if they did Funi would be on Fox right now so yes - most of the people in leadership roles in the anime dubbing industry are lazy bums not unlike Madoff) 
This is what they see - when Disney and those companies go to the anime conventions - their leaders are not dressed for success - that means they are not serious about what they want to promote - "No worries for us!" Their fans are honkies with no kids? Their ladies are dressed like whores - are you sure we arnt in Compton (CA) or Bankhead (GA)..."this is an animation convention?" 
And the Executives sit there, call Best Buy and tell them all types of shit. Best Buy gets the orders - places Hanna Montana in the front of the video kiosk, where something like Major or a lesser known anime franchise is placed in the back.  
Then, their researchers look at who is stealing tv shows - and once they see one piece on the list - that makes them worry even more. Then Time Article about 4Chan's moot and the whole like making yall look worse. 
Then on top of this - transliteration - which I consider nothing more than Blackface Vaudeville resurrected in its most ugliest form (or better yet - the yellow man and his shifty ways) had made things really difficult between the people that support the fanbase and many elements of the base who have become leaders of the fanbase (the anon and the like) 
I realized a long time ago - i stayed and dealt with all the crap and the name calling i took because along as 4Kids was there - there was some semblance of the goodness. They had good people in the company and they have been always nice to the people they dealt with.  
But sadly, the anime fandom i have dealt with are so perverted, so lost so whatever the thing most critics say about mainstream society says about its youth - that i cant really stand here and say things are happy of what not. Its not. 
See, I am an animation fan first and foremost. But this is just a big a crisis as anything that's happened in the animation world in recent years. Yes, theatrical has done well - but thats because the Unions only care about money and not protecting their workers, and has made deals that made the real unions (WGA and the rest) hate the TAG.  But what i sense is when the Unions forget what they are for - something with commitment, with hope and utter American Grit will show up and shock them - The Union would say Union busting - but the interesting thing is that the Unions for GM own the company - and GM would have not have recovered somewhat if it wasn't for Cash for Clunkers. At best - The TAG union, despite the good people it has - is as many of what the WGA has stated they are - a Union for the Corporations and not its workers. 
Its one of the many reasons why animation writers left the business. With them gone, there isn't that many writers out there pushing new ideas. 4Kids did hire some union writers - but it wasn't counted as such - but they had solid scripts (etc) for TMNT and the like. 
Now with them being sold off or merged without the people that made 4Kids what it was - a great company - where would any new anime series - scratch that any new animated series become a hit? 
See, Nick and Disney and CN have a war chest and they can afford (at this time mind you) to fail a million times. 4Kids had to get shows that had to be a hit out of the gate. But the anime fan-base didn't help matters, and the changing Kids Industry didn't help matters and the issues with the economic situation really didn't help matters.  
But I think the real tragedy is that now, i feel anime in the US has lost its moral core. Disney can try and try but it will never had the right spots nor the right time to do what 4Kids did with Pokemon 10 years ago. And that I feel hurts not only this website - but every thing that deals with anime in the states now. And i feel that the racism was never in 4Kids offices. But in Arlong Park and the modern day fan-base and the transliteration crowd that is apart of this hobby. Its not a hobby (as a black man especially who still deals with questions about race even to this day) I want to deal with anymore. I loved the era i grew up in when it comes to Anime and the like - and the joy we had. But with age comes wisdom. And the wisdom let things pass and show and to divest is a more enlightened path than staying and fighting another 5 years with no results. 
I don't know where I am going - but i realized that the perverted that hold this industry in cell i cannot fight against. They will always exist - but now they are much more powerful and prevalent. I stated to myself some time ago that - if 4Kids goes - I go. Things are in balance in the world and as one thing dies - a new thing comes along. I see the writing on the wall. Its not a happy picture. It might die - it might become a larger part of a changing Porn industry - but It will never be mainstream and never be at least somewhat respected as it was back then, because the perverts have won. 
And it hurts me, but I have to take the best for this Genre (and maybe once in a while look at something new) and leave the bad behind. But when the bad overrides the good - its time to move on. 
Im not sure if this is the end of the Queen Blog. I hope it isn't. But I dont hope much. Im just disappointed in most of you. From the webmaster of this wonderfully made site to the fans. I tried to convince you but it isn't enough. So im done trying to convince you guys. Im done being angry. I gonna move on with my life and hope for the best for the Genre. 
Thats all that needs to be said. 
NovidAnon - The Anon of the Internet signing off ... for how long?
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First Off, 


What is the matter with these folk? Does anybody tell them I mean actually tells them that um... One Piece isnt going to be Dragon Ball Z dude? Why do they and Viz and all of these folk delude themselfs and why does Crunchyroll keep leading them like some crazed crack ho who think she's sexy? If you lived in the Ghetto's of this country - you know what I mean...

You know Funi and Gen, I have nothing against Gen and Navarre and what the fuck ever but DUDE why in the god damn hell you jumping and jumping ahead to get to the good shit, without everything else that came before? You know - if you like I dont know Realize that what you skipping is a whole fucking 5 seasons and like the same shit the fans got angry for 4Kids for? I mean for real - Your so far up Crunchyroll's ass you wouldn't even know a american company with an American who needs to get off of what is hurting your business and into what helps. LIKE TOY DEALS and MERCHANDISE YOU FOOLS! Like talking the way the Owners and what not...

And while Im on it... Viz can got suck futa cock (thanks Sabata for that quote) and get addicted on its drug, becaus its the same thing with them and Naruto... I mean for fucking real son, are we the ONLY ONES (and the rest of the net, not to be forgetting myself) that READS THE FUCKING STUDIES? 8 Percent of Teens Watch Online. 8 FUCKING Percent! Your new Audience your are trying to get watching your series are watching Fake superstars like Heidi and Spenser. And you wonder why you have the moniker of "gay" to the rest of the mainstream - your not edgy, your not extreme you ont even have any ideas to advertise. The only reason Yuri and Freedman don't have acting gigs in Huluwood is that they and the Unions are fighting each other and themselfs and those va's feel sorry for you...

The other musing I have is the sad passing of Guins Saga's Creator - Miss Kurimoto. She is just as much the progenitor of Berserk as Miura is. She worked on 147 books (thats 126 books and 20 side stories). That is a great woman folks.

But the Anon of the Internet is going through it because there is nobody like her out there - you know that isn't taken. I mean coming from the ghetto the girl i liked lived in HEAVEN you know... she treated herself Regal because family is Regal like... I mean shit I know what I want and when it doesnt happen... I go through it man....

But maybe there is a little demon in my heart that needs to come out to destroy these lies... The world would never let me have a honest Conservative family household so now it will get only my fists and feet...

Because from now on, my words are the Death Note...

And your reactions to those words, are the Symphony of Destruction...

One more thing...

This is the logo for the blog... All rights reserved and you know the other legalize...

Until later...
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This post is a part of a series of Appendixes for an unfinished article dealing with Berserk and Jikan: 

I wanted to like One Piece.

I wanted One Piece to succeed. 

But looking back of this issues that lead into One Piece's demise, a lot of mistakes were made. And I feel its time to let the cat out of the bag and see where I was correct on my assertions. 

I believe the whole issue with One Piece's editing and other things - came down to a conspiracy - I do not know who or what organizations were apart of this that basicly wanted 4Kids destroyed over this issue. What it really lead into was the separation between two businesses and business models that need each other. 

I think honestly that Arlong Park maybe or is connected to these organizations. Crunchyroll might have been apart of these organizations.  

The reason i say this is because Al Kahn really gave a damn about One Piece despite all the talk about he didn't, that he was a racist and all the rest. The proof is in a press call he made back in 2003. Now things would have changed and what not - but that press call told me more than anything Arlong to get along Park has ever said during, since and after the fact.

When it came with the Voice Actors for 4Kids's run of One Piece - it was really difficult to figure out why they would say those things in a Convention against the new dub. But what now i sense was just like in the 1960's and certain agitators started riots during the Anti War movement - they did the same thing in the Conventions.  You have to realize that there are tricks to the trade - ADV used to do this in the early days of the Conventions. 

When it comes to the Race issue - thats more towards the side of the Japanese industry and not our end. Political Correctiveness isn't so much of a concept in Japan than it is to the states. When it comes to the issue with missing words and what not - still not 4Kids's fault. You got to understand that they pre-buy the show they want to air - they do a half - translation. It makes it unique. Some words that were missing was because they couldn't digitally place the word into that area without discoloring. It happens way too many times even in the best of programs (CS3 Photoshop can allow you to finally edit videos in certain ways) So its better or erase it. Or in some cases replace it with a symbol. 

When it comes to the actual voice acting - the 4Kids VA's are underrated. The Funi ones were being too pretentious. 

When it came the actual show, 4Kids wanted to keep to the main folk - and remember i stated that they half translate. They skipped (or left for later use) certain arcs to get to major parts of the series. They may have gone back (like they did with other series) and dubbed these episodes. 

Did 4Kids get a head of themselves - maybe but I look back and I said - this series could be cool.

But all the arguments about the differences between American kids and Japanese - About TV editing and the like. About Al Kahn's words in a debate during the Toy Fair in New York back in 2005. 

But the aftermath, seems to be this. Crunchyroll grows by leaps and bounds - while the main three kids companies looking on another chance to get on the Anime/Japanese bandwagon to complement there Hanna Montana/Jamie Lynn Spears/High School Musical gains realize that "second source" of income isn't going to come from people who look like dirt from the gutters. The anime fans seems content on becoming moot. The animation fans deal with Family Guy and Seth MacFarlaine taking over the animation world not locked down by Disney, Nick or CN. And where is One Piece?

Back in the hands of the Pirates. 

What there needs to be is the full story. Not just the hatred for 4Kids coming from people who know nothing about how the company works. Even despite this - many companies who have worked with 4kids has stated the same thing - the same courteous, respectful and dare i say it... NICE company to deal with? Something tells me that 4Kids get the worst rap in the world and some dubbers may have bitten more than they can chew. Its time soon for the real story to come out and let things fall where they may.

One Piece did deserved better. It needed 4Kids in the end of the day. Maybe it needed a new look from fans so blind to realities of life. Maybe it needed...

A fresh start.
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The Lost and the Generic Part 3:

There is a word; you need to know.  It is a simple word. It is Japanese for Animation.

No, it is not called Anime.

In this part of the series “The Lost and The Generic, the answer will be known.

First, something that I have to get off my chest.

I do not read manga like the rest of you on this site and in the community at large.

I just don’t.

I read two manga on an exclusive basis.

That would be anything drawn and or written by Osamu Tezuka. ANYTHING. It does not matter how long or alternatively, short it is.

The other is Berserk, done by Dr. Kentaro Miura.

That’s it. You can’t force me to read shojo or shohen etc. It just will not work.

There is a reason I say this.

I am an animation fan first.

I am a comic book fan first.

I grew up with both of these works. I understand there concepts and their ideals. I understand there joy and their sorrow.

I got into manga because of Tezuka. His legend is greatly known. Miura is the only man ever even CLOSE to Tezuka. Oda is nowhere close; Kishimoto is not there and may never get there, and Kubo will always be in Miura’s shadow. There is a reason why Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z got popular and why Toriyama is respected even though I may never read another work from him.

The reason is being that many manga is translated into anime and I don’t really have the time nor the cash to go through 20 volumes of work.

In addition, even if I wanted to – they all fall into the same trap and Anime has entered that trap.

It is the same trap that other parts of art world, are going through.

It is censorship, with artistic diversion. These two aspects are killing the genre.

If you have read my other works from the “Lost and Generic” series, you would know that I stated many American parents (and those that do not have kids, but the majority of them do) are again – overworked, underpaid (it seems more like that these days), as well as overstretched. The culture of the American family ideology (I say it this way because it has become one and it is not about raising children right at least not anymore) felt they have lost economic and cultural influence and power over the last 30 -35 years. There is a hidden, psychological racial element (some of it warranted) plus gender issues (shown at the Oscars quite blatantly).

But this is about anime and manga, what that got to do with anything that that is happening in this world?

You already are seeing it in Canada, Australia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Now it is spreading to this country.  The new word of the day coming down is “Fascistic Genericism” or better called Neo-Prussian Socialism. (If you do not know what Prussia was, go look at Wiki or better yet Britannica (on your college or school database) and read up, and start to weep).

Every time there has been an economic or conflict situation in the western world, Art is the first victim. Now, in this decade unlike any other decade, Art is being used to promote “punishment” of “weird acts”, “subversive works” and to scare other into submission – to jail and maybe to be killed even if the person have never hurt or would even hurt anyone.  Don’t be fooled however, I am a conservative and I believe in the rule of law. Nevertheless, let make one thing clear. I mean REALLY Crystal Clear.

If someone HURTS a child in any way in that sexual manner so evil – it does not matter if it is a parent or somebody the child knows or a stranger and that is proven BEYOND a reasonable doubt – that person MUST die. Period, end of STORY. I can understand age of consent; I can understand the five-year rule. I even understand in Principle having those dark images can and should send a person to jail. Nevertheless, as SO LONG and I mean AS SO LONG as the drawings or animations are NOT REAL or do not depict a child doing those dark acts (and by their definition cannot be), that person cannot go to jail and should not be in jail. He or she is a political prisoner to fill the coffers of the Judges so they can be shown to be tough on crime, and the politicians who continue to throw not only just America over board but the rest of the world into their own abyss.

However, the Governments all over are using the genre as a political toy, calling it the “scary work” with the “scary people”. Hollywood, sensing it cannot control and win over the fanbase, is trying the split the fanbase into two with their “Live Action –Anime.” They want the money. They do not care how they get it. The day they saw a man named Al Kahn make money hand over fist with Pokemon was the day they set out to destroy him, his company (using the leaders of Arlong to get along Park with Crunchyrool and the Subbing Pirates) and if they could not succeed using anime to take over the rest of the animation industry (remember, the Huluwood Executives hate them UNION’s!) they now were going to discredit you and you fans FELL for it ass first!

80% of Best Buy’s anime selection will be gone by the Middle of Lent (March 21) with only the top selling anime left, and when it’s just Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and any works from the Sci-Fi Channel’s airings, along with Pokemon/Bakugan, that whole genre will suffer the same fate action animation and then TV animation has suffered over the last five years.

Now everybody wants it fast and cheap. It was not like this. I highlighted a book called Manga Zombie – and the Gekgia movement. That movement made its way to the manga we all read. However, even Japan has gone away from it. Even they GOT scared of what it told.

Novelle Manga, Neo-Shojo and Next Gen Shohen (which a majority of manga has become) are not working. Outside of Claymore – Shohen lost the boyhood dream. Outside of Berserk, Senin; should have been the hardest of the hardcore (without being porn) and the protector of the Gekgia movement has become a perverted Shojo. Neo-Shojo became too screwed up to be readable at the same while the Old lady of Manga who pretty much ended the Gekiga movement, only had one good manga in her whole career while Josei is excessively conservative to the point of boredom.

How can Novelle Manga is the hope of a stagnating Industry over there? It is putting even more French influence (not that I hate the French way of doing art) on work that was already influenced by Bandee Dessanee, and not to mention it still sucks and the only time it worked in a Japanese context was in the Metal Gear Solid retellings of One and Two.

You fans are being RAILROADED into a corner. On one side, you’re so called HOPES for a better manga and anime future are leading into a ghetto which the Governments of the world will label you, stamp you and take some into the jails and hellholes of the Jail system.

All of this, to protect the kids.

From what?

Parents already KNOW their job. Moreover, if they do know and run to a political entity in order to HELP their kids(Not nessaraily the government that’s a bit different but even that is loaded), they do not deserve to be parents in my honest opinion.

Cant them, for the first time in the history of their life’s work WITH the kid not as a friend of all these liberal causes, smoking weed at the park or what not, nor as a heavy duty, military style – Fake as all get out Christian Fundamentalist…

But as a boy or as a girl child living in a country that gives them the freedom with responsibility to make choices for themselves!

It is this very simple, wise and holistic approach to life NOBODY will teach or even tell you.

We do not nerssarlly need censorship when people are allowed to be responsible for their actions. It is because of MORE Government meddling we are in this mess. ONLY in a police state (which the U.K. is fast becoming) you would have a 13-year-old boy having a child. NO MANGA told this kid to go and have intercourse with that 15-year-old girl. Not even the U.K. media plotted this. Nevertheless, they will use it as a CRUX to promote more Generisism.

Only in state still recovering from dictatorship – they would use anime as crux for censorship (granted, it’s almost a Muslim state but that’s for another day)

Only in a state where they still do not know if Quebec should be free or not and as of several months back, do not protect the rights of Christians (or Muslims unless politically pushed) that they would use a Unjust and inherently stupid law to send a man too weird even for yuppies to take, as a “political prisoner” (if he did have real dark pictures however, then he deserves to go to jail).

And now, here in this country in a similar case. They will make an example of those that they feel not fit for the America they so wish to protect.

And for the most of you, the profile is fitting like a glove.

The Gekgia movement was the basis of most great anime works. You cannot separate it from that genesis. When they do that – you get bad work, you get moe and harem. You get all these generic anime. You get the lackadaisical feelings and the cheapness of this particular fanbase. You get 4Chan and CrunchyRoll and Arlong to Get Along park. You do not have leaders that wish to work with the rest of the animation community but what you do have are those who will lead to your ruin.

Anime should not be used as the catch all phrase for Japanese animation. We should call it as it should have been called LONG before us in the west (with the rare exception of many in the Black Community) tried to name this particular part of animation as a racial modifier.

It is the word, Doga. Moreover, that word should be used for any animation from Japan that is not dubbed or subbed using Japanese honorifics. You can only call it anime and should call it anime – when it’s dubbed or subbed in English with no Japanese honorifics. This is because of how popular it was in France and Italy and how many French/Canadian/Japanese productions there were in the 1970’s. If those folks want it as Japanese as possible then that “pirate” or Crunchyfail must call it Doga. It cannot be called Anime. It does not even make sense to call it Anime.

As for that Genre and well as Manga – It needs a wakeup call. The world right now is heading for something far, far more impressive than it ever was in the 1960’s. But in that era Gekgia filled that need in Japan in the 1960’s and 70’s. Metal Hurlant and its American Counterpart; Heavy Metal filled that need in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The UK has AD 2000 and it still going strong. (One wonders however, about its future with that UK law barreling down the pipe at break neck speed. The Italians have their own countercultural art world. Now in this era even in Japan, the artists (even the BIG 3) are being drowned out. The original idea for Naruto, as modern day Berserk? SCRAPED. One Piece? Overrated. Bleach? Tries too hard to beat even Claymore.

Do you know what is going on in the world?

The 2008 civil unrest in Greece started on 6 December 2008, when Alexandros Grigoropoulos (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Γρηγορόπουλος), a 15-year-old student, was fatally shot by Epaminondas Korkoneas, a policeman. The shooting occurred after an altercation between a police patrol and a small group of youths in the Exarcheia district of central Athens.[1]

The death of Grigoropoulos resulted in large demonstrations, which escalated to widespread rioting, with hundreds of rioters damaging property and engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Demonstrations and rioting soon spread to several other cities, including Thessaloniki, the country's second-largest city. Outside Greece, solidarity demonstrations, riots and, in some cases, clashes with local police also took place in a number of European cities including Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Seville as well as Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and the western Cypriot city of Paphos.

Riots are breaking out in factories in Dongguan as bankruptcies and layoffs throw thousands out of work with wages owing. South China, "the world's factory," is in chaos, faltering. After the mid-autumn festival, enormous numbers of workers simply stayed home in the provinces, rather than returning to work in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan.

This AP story talks about a riot in the factory where Nerf toys were manufactured for Hasbro -- and no, they didn't fight with Nerf bats.


Tempers began flaring Tuesday when the plant's Hong Kong owner, Kader Holdings Company Ltd., prepared to lay off 216 migrant workers at the factory that employs 6,500. About 80 senior workers claimed they were getting shortchanged on their severance pay, and they mobilized a mob of 500 — mostly other unemployed workers and friends, Guo said.

The workers battled security guards, turned over a police car, smashed the headlights of police motorcycles and forced their way through the factory's front gate, Guo said. They went on a rampage in the plant's offices, damaging 10 computers, the company said.

Riots broke out once again in the Baltic states on Friday, this time in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, where a group of 7,000 gathered to protest planned economic austerity measures. A smaller group began throwing eggs and stones through the windows of government buildings until the police moved in, using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

The episode was nearly identical to one on Tuesday in Latvia, when a peaceful protest of 10,000 people erupted into violence. And on Wednesday, a gathering of 2,000 in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, began throwing stones and snowballs at the Parliament building, calling for the nation's leaders to resign.

In all three countries, years of steady economic growth have come to a jarring halt, and citizens are facing layoffs and cuts in wages. In each case, the authorities were left wondering whether they were facing organized activism or just the anger of people whose expectations have been disappointed. "I think this is just the beginning," said Anders Aslund, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. "We should expect this to happen in many places."

You’re telling me at a time of great changes in Humanity, the best huluwood can do is Miss Cyrus?

There not speaking for us, and the longer Viz Media and all these wannabe major players want to act like them – they are going to lose to these socialistic bastards over at Crunchyroll and Arlong to Get along Park. They are going to be backslapped and made nothing but a toothless tiger by Governments trying to protect from a subversion that in the real sense does not even exist but in the actual sense all of this trying to protect their lobbyists in Foggy Bottom in the animation industry. They do not want to compete because they know that they will lose without good writers and story boarders, and they always feel they have to compete where there is NO REASON that that moment.

Japan will figure itself out. It has a history all its own. I will bet (and I am going to be right on this) whenever this economic issue ends, there will be a brand new appreciation for the work of the Gekgia Movement. They will realize that being generic and obfuscating a man or woman’s work will never get anywhere. They stop being anti-human (read as anti-female or anti-female attributes) and finally be free from the sins of their past.

We here, however are going to have to go to maybe even physical blows – not with ourselves but with a generation, to get any sense back of our humanity, our place in the world and our understanding of our individuality, our sovereignty. If we don’t have or see art or pro sport (read as wrestling or mma) that doesn’t have that spark that we saw in the ECW years, those years of great animation from all over the world and in our country and other such things, we must treat it as it is; trash from a Generation that owns the world and may have destroyed our future. You saw it in the Oscars on Sunday. That Generation only cares for what it has done and does not care for the broken down men or women they have BECOME! In addition, if we do not create work or supports work that makes them see this fact even if it is for the first TIME, we will have failed has men (gay or straight) and women (lesbian, bi or straight) and they will through their unconscious fascism, psychological neo liberal racism and class and universal degrading of our minds via the mediocre work they have produced since the end of the 1988 WGA strike, will break this country into a million pieces and the world will lose hope that America will be a shining city on a hill. And they wouldn’t care.


But their envious nature will make sure we will be poor, destitute and wishing we were slumdog millionaires, in the streets our forefathers fought and died in as the world cheered for FREEDOM! when we won.

That is the rebellion Gekgia and all anime represents. Take that away and you have nothing but porn.

The Writer of Manga Zombie, Udagawa Takeo stated it best:

The best manga are always the worst manga. And vice versa. Manga should never be 'healthy' or 'educational' or 'good for kids'…

Burn manga. Especially Eighties manga on.

Burn these pre-programmed comics that have been churned out ever since manga turned into a business. Burn these bastard things conceived in boardrooms and born as products.

For example, love stories that go on...and oon... and ooon...and oooon.

Burn them. Stories about heroes beating the odds through sheer grit and friendship. Burn them.

'Interactive' stories swinging any way the reader surveys tell them:

Burn. Them. All.

Come out of the grave, manga!

Screaming and streaming blood and sweat, pages spattered with artist's crazed flesh, manga that grab and throw you deep into the warped and fucked-up pit of the artist's mind itself. And leave you there.

To live it. And manga, staggering on their very last legs, drawn so the artists could eat one more day.

Come back. All is forgiven.

The Translator, John Gallagher followed:

                I'd have to go with Ugagawa-san on this one. Manga should rot the brain.

I add this. Not to rot the brain. However, to save it from being:

Generic and listless.

The final part of The Lost and the Generic will be on Cartoon Electro by Wednesday, the epilogue of that will be back here as episode seven of Virtuous Queen.

To read more about Manga Zombie please go to http://comipress.com/special/manga-zombie and read more about the Gekgia Movement. I will talk more about it in the future.

Until Next Time.


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Welcome Officially to the first episode of Virtuous Queen. This is actually part two of a post i made over at the site named Cartoon Electro, where I was talking about Modern Era (1998 - 2009) problems. Hayao Miyazaki, one of the greats (but not the greatest, that title belongs to the one and only Osamu Teskua) made a comment, stating that he doesnt watch many modern day animated features because its...too wild for him, too weird.

But to put in another way, Part of the reason - is the japanese animation companies going global - and that comes with massive growing pains.

Crunchyroll isnt helping matters.

In fact, it might lead into the end of the anime industry once held as the rebellion to wake up the american and european industries. 

Crunchyroll, to keep it short are nothing more then what I like to call, the Socialization of American Business, they take but do not make deals to serve themselves and their industry they feel they are the "stewards" of. They say they are legit but just like Bernie Madoff Before them, they are nothing more than a ponzi scheme and maybe the worst of them all - because it effects how one country business men talks to those who want to make something of themselves and not create something that is against what this country stands for - or diss this country or make fun of those actually trying to find work and or working to feed themselves or kids if they feel they can take it (thats another matter)

Crunchyrolls fan base (or at least the majority of it) are nothing more than those that feel that America has failed them - and for some who are not white - up and until Obama's administration being sworn in, America felt foreign, these folks get the money after work to feed themselves but not feed the need to be free and the good things America can be. They felt they have no voice. Well guess what  for both of yall in that majority of a fan base - your still dont have a Political voice, maybe not even a voice to speak...the only voice they have is the voice that would use them as joke and a curiosity  - see the Pikachu Bread girl - speak in broken Japanese and you can be a porn star too - just be a honky tonky weeboo female with no sense of self or woman hood or self respect and you too can be famous on youtube. And there boyfriend's if  they have are no better - they just want get tail and they dont care if its male. 

Crunchy Roll is not Naspter - it not even close to its metameme nor what it portend to the music industry (which is in its Post Modern Stone Age, and thats because they couldn't find a replacement for its CD format- the music world was recovering from the death's of Tupac/Biggie/Cobain and the music coming out was badly produced and over produced - see Guitar Heroes Youtube comparing both the DVD/Blu-Ray sample in the game from the CD version) 

Here is why you cannot respect Crunchyfail- and the fans that follow them. One, nobody in the anime industry worth any soul or morality stopped them. Two, Crunchy and Arlong to get along Part started this whole trend during the time of 4Kids's One Piece run. Their Board and Their connections with 4Chan and there script kiddies and Shakedown artists, that talked shit over at Live Journal; showed the American Animation fan base to look at the situation and realized they did not want any part in this, this Nonsense - they knew the rules they do need certian rules. But this Bullshit that AP and CR was playing was most foul. 

The American Animation business, to protect there bottom lines and themselves, started asking Retaliers for better space in there video shelves. This in turn finally got the motor running for the Anime Correction of 2006-2009 but what they didnt know is how pervasive Crunchroll became after the dust settled.  

What Crunchroll represents is a change, but not in the change that will bring true respect to this genre. In fact just like the Wii now with the Video Game hobby - it creates a brand new ghetto, where old memes come back and the fanbase doesn't do ANYTHING to change it outside of a few conventions north of New York. And note when I say fanbase I mean This Particular Era of the Fanbase - not the 60's one - not the 80's or 90's versions - not even the Pokemon/Dragonball Z fanbase - THIS Particular era. Its their behaviors, narcissistic overtly feminized weaklings that do fit the type of what the American Animation industry is trying to avoid for many reasons, some I strongly agree with and some i disagree slightly on their execution, of said plans.

When the fanbase is ready to make behavioral, economic and cultural attitude changes to their way of promoting there hobby, and when they are really ready to understand how to do business with the rest of the American animation community and stop supporting Crunchyfail and there cohorts at Arlong to Get Along Park - and until then - you do deserve to be mocked by the rest of the animation fanbase - your teachers do have the right to fail you when you cant even draw Jack Kirby Style - your girlfriend should worry about your anime female model collection if she isn't apart of that world and MTV has the right to laugh at you - because your acts and your behaviors and your anger are all fucking CHILDISH!  

You live in a virtual world, where those shows you watch have no power, no wonder - no joy and no feeling - it might have some idea of it but when you dont hold the item in your hand, in the form of Blu-Ray or a UMD to place in a console or Blu-Ray player in order to show you the wonder of this business -you are nothing more than consumers, acting like drug addicts waiting for the next Dere fix or Uggu wail or "dont go there" moment. You dont see the pens, the paper the effects and the magic in many great series. You have falling into the same trap that the rest of the yuppie/college life folk has fallen into - a lifeless future, where all are the same and there is no change - no wishes hopes and dreams - everything has become nothing but ones and zeros. 

That is what Crunchyroll means - its is the whimpering end of everything that real anime fans have fought for. And there maybe no one who want to stand up and show a real change and stand up for what is right. That is why the modern era reeks of death... 

It took me a while to get this done, but Its finished. But Virtuous Queen is more than just doom and gloom - this Anon of the Internet has other issues and great series you may never hear about I will showcase here. 

Until next time.

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PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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