CW4Kids Rebrands to Toonam-- err, "Toonzai"

Topic started by gia on April 28, 2010. Last post by Kou_Leifoh 4 years, 6 months ago.
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So, 4Kids added Magical DoReMi and then Dragon Ball Z Kai to its CW4Kids Saturday morning block, companions to Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sonic X, and apparently they decided that the lineup's new feel deserved a new name.

But so far they haven't come up with anything better than "Toonzai," which has been released as a tentative possibility.

 This is NOT an actual logo. I made it to illustrate how terrible these fonts are.
 This is NOT an actual logo. I made it to illustrate how terrible these fonts are.
I guess it's not all THAT bad, and it's not like their target audience-- young kids --probably remember Cartoon Network's Toonami. But that was definitely the first thing that came to MY mind...and after that, I thought it sounded like some kind of bad balloony pseudo-kanji font. (You know, the kind where 日, the kanji for day/sun, becomes an 8 and stuff.)

But I still feel like we could come up with something better. Any of you have any suggestions? Who knows, 4Kids' Al Khan might be watching even now, since I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this "tentative" name was released to score some free feedback.  So what would YOU call it?
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well I'm assuming they don't want to use the word anime here so if we are limited to use "toon".... 
toona? get it ? tuna? 
I'm sorry that was horrible
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Who thought this was a good idea?  Does anyone else read this as nzai as in the slang term in during world war 2 for the nazi?  How on earth did any come of with this bad idea? Two nzai walk into a bar. . .
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@DK1105: Whoa...did not make that connection; I only assume they're going for "banzai." ^^; 
If only there was a block for hardcore anime fans. They could call it Toondere :D
Post by buhssuht (223 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@gia: why just a block? 
how about a whole channel?
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@gia: How about The Censored Block or The Neutered Block since they will undoubtedly be censoring the holy fuck out of DBZ to save the kids from it's evil imagery. I mean, just look at all the crazies out there today who grew up watching it uncensored. They are doing a service to everyone.
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@crusader8463: Even in Japan they may be diminishing some of the violence from the original to air on TV. Then again, it's Sankaku Complex who reported it, so I have no way of knowing whether it's true or just some decent photoshopping...but it wouldn't surprise me.
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@buhssuht: "Hungry for Tuna?" "No, hungry for tunes!" 
I see someone has watched Metal Gill Jawesome. 
Anyways, great that there will be more anime, not so great about the censoring. Thankfully I still have my One Piece, thank you Funimation and your streaming awesomeness. 
I think as trends progress towards streaming and digital media, maybe we'll see some form of service using a new kind of pay/distribution model that somehow fuses current ideas e.g. Hulu, Crunchyroll in order to deliver content. 
But this is all baseless hypotheticals, so ignore me :) .
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*palmfaces* This re-branding isn't going to make my local affiliate shift the block back to its *proper* time. What little kid is going to want to wake up at 5am as opposed to 7am to watch DoReMi and DBZ or whatever other anime they may show?
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,651 posts) See mini bio Level 25
It's groups like 4Kids that warp and pervert what anime is. They alter products and treat what should be the base fans as secondary.
Post by DK1105 (21 posts) See mini bio Level 1
@gia said:
" @DK1105: Whoa...did not make that connection; I only assume they're going for "banzai." ^^;   If only there was a block for hardcore anime fans. They could call it Toondere :D "
Im guess thats what they were going for but they really dropped the ball on it.  The conspiracy nut in me to totally saying this is a plot by a secret underground Nazis that are trying to brainwash the children of America through poorly localized Japanese anime.  We all know that the Japanese were ailed with the Nazis in WWII.  Just look at all the connections.  Why won't anyone believe me?  Im not crazy *shifty eyes*
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@FoxxFireArt: In theory, if they've done their job right, the "base fans"-- by which I assume you mean hardcore anime fans --ARE secondary. They don't care about reaching you or me, they want to reach a much bigger and more lucrative market of kids whose parents will buy the DVDs (parents are much better about buying than hardcore anime fans), as well as stationary and backpacks and bed sheets and toys and whatnot.
I know you don't agree with their goal, but in theory if they do it well they will make a lot more money off of those kids than they would off you and I. To take something with mainstream appeal, especially something that's worked before, and market it exclusively to the niche fans-- closing off the possibility of non-anime-fan kids having access to it --would be pretty foolish. 
Not that I don't think what 4Kids did to One Piece and other shows wasn't god-awful, to be sure-- it's a great example of doing the mainstreamification thing poorly. On the other hand, 4kids also handled the first eight seasons of Pokemon, which they also edited heavily and even left out episodes. But how many anime fans today can claim Pokemon as at least part of the reason they got into anime? On this week's podcast John and AHR were extolling the virtues of the Pokerap! With that kind of success at stake, anyone with half a mind for business can hardly blame 4Kids for trying-- even if we all still make fun of them when they fail.
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,651 posts) See mini bio Level 25
That they "assume" would be more lucrative. More often they aren't. Such as in the example of One Piece. That series was just utterly butchered by 4Kids with no alternative offered. They dumbed the series down in order to target an audience that the series was never intended for. Yet, it was this alteration that got all the air time and attention. Giving the false impression to the uninitiated that this is what the series was about.
By the time FUNimation started doing it right. The damage was already done. The online fans were too suspicious to care, and the casual audience wasn't informed enough to know that FUNimation wasn't doing as drastic of edits and thought it was the same crappy series. When it aired on Cartoon Network again they couldn't even get through a single canon story arc before it was taken off again. It didn't help matters that the airing started from the point of right before a long series of filler episodes.

I'm not speaking of the work done on series like Pokemon which was originally intended for a much younger audience. I'm talking about altering series so the would be more "appropriate" for age groups that the series was never intended for in the first place.
What is the point in bringing an anime to the US? Isn't it because you think it will be popular as it is in Japan? Why do they think it will be popular by basically altering what made it popular to begin with? Imagine taking a recipe that you hear is incredible and that people really love, but when you make it you decide to change most of the ingredients and wonder why it doesn't taste as good as the original.

Much in the same way they do with anime movies produced in Hollywood. Why do they always think these movies will be popular by making them nothing like what they are originally based upon? More often the only thing they have in common with the original property is the title. Best example being that of Dragon Ball Evolution. The idea is that they are targeting a wider audience, but end up hitting no one.
When most animated series begin they have no real audience. With anime and manga you have a base audience already built in for the US market. It's beyond moronic to ignore an audience that wants a product in a supply and demand market place. They are refusing to supply to a demand that exists. 
All while expecting the US based audience to only consume their alteration and offer no alternative. Giving US fans who want to purchase the series nowhere to go but online pirating sites.
Much like with building a house. First you build your base and then expand from there. Why would you be targeting non-anime-fan kids with an anime? By definition. Non-anime fans aren't interested in anime.
They alter the content of the story and then wonder why fans go online for pirated version. It was this perversion of the series that was treated as the primary. I was utterly shocked by first watching this 4Kids version of One Piece, then going online to fan sub sites and watching the real thing.
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@gia: I know, but, as I have made clear on many occasions, I simply hate any and all forms of censorship. As far as I'm concerned there is no justification to every censor anything, and it just makes me mad to see a show I care about having it done for some bull shit ideal that a bunch of uptight puritan asshats in power are forcing on people.
EDIT: Does anyone else not see the irony of editing a series that is an already edited down version of the original?
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,651 posts) See mini bio Level 25
I certainly agree. Censorship is bad.
It's often silly when you see movies with incredibly graphic violence shown on basic TV and completely censored and edited, such as the Die Hard of Saw movies. It just makes you wonder what was the point.
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Come on people! Fox, though it's in Primetime, has Animation Domination. I remember not that long ago, when I watched American cartoons, some of these channels had good names for their Saturday morning blocks. I agree that Toonzai is awful, but what about other play on words? How about Anime-fun? They could have a voting game called SSO (Saturday Shoutout) for which show was most popular the last Saturday and what fans look forward to the next Saturday. Kids want to be drawn in and involved so if you allow for them to feel part of the programs they watch the more they will like it and spread the word. Other names could be..umm...shit. There is no logical name for a block of anime for Americans so CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!!!

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My dyslexia and predisposition to Toonami results in me pronouncing it Toonazi in my head.
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It's not gonna help... Saturday morning cartoons are dead!!! The end... LITERALLY!!!
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@FoxxFireArt: I think you're super over reacting.  All they did is remove kid cock, take out beer and tone down the blood.  If you were watching DBZ for cock, beer and blood then you're missing the point of the show imo.  The old broadcast did similar things and that didn't stop it from getting a ton of people hooked. 
You mention One Piece but skip over all of the successful shows they've brought over.  Nobody bats a thousand.  Even unedited I don't think it would have taken off here and the DBZ edits are nowhere near the same degree as One Piece.
Not to mention that this article has NOTHING to do with censorship yet you went on a 3,000 word rant about it.
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,651 posts) See mini bio Level 25
"tone down blood"?
So, they are 'toning down', censoring even, the violence in a series that revolves around fighting and violence. If they can watch acts of violence, why can't they also see people drinking beer?

I mention One Piece as an example of just how horrible things can get if people allow such censorship. Understand that 4Kids didn't just give up on the One Piece series to hand it over to FUNimation. From what has been reported. It was due to some undisclosed financial issue. If this financial issue had not come up. It's highly likely that 4Kids could still be butchering that series today, and offering people in the US no alternative to their horribly produced product.
When they alter series like that and it eventually goes on sale in DVD. It's the alterations that are treated as the primary. While the version without edits is either regulated to a higher priced "Director's Cut" or they don't release an unedited version at all.

It has to do with 4Kids. A company infamous for their censorship. So, it is an issue when it comes to them.
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