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A Anime adaptation of Yuzo Takada's manga.


Yakumo Fuji loses his father in an accident in Tibet but gains a new responsibility. He must help a 300-year-old immortal, the last of the race that once ruled Earth, who lives in a symbiotic relationship with a 16-year-old girl called Pai. Yakumo is killed rescuing Pai but is brought back to life as her zombie protector. Now both of them begin a quest to become human.

Creator Yuzo Takada began as an assistant to Judge's Fujihiko Hosono, and here combines the "walking dead" hero of Ultraman with the ancient immortals of Tezuka's Three-Eyed Prince. Takada's 3x3 Eyes manga suggests that all myths are the vestigial race-memory of a great conflict between extradimensional entities. Mixing the treasure-hunting elements of Indiana Jones with a mythopoeic buddy-movie, Pai and Yakumo search the world for artifacts that might help them. The mawkish romance between the two (made frankly irritating in an English dub that gives Pai a grating screech in place of a voice) is nicely contrasted with their magical personae-shy-boy Yakumo is an indestructible zombie, and puppy-fat ingenue Pai disappears completely when her third eye opens, revealing a powerful being with a demonic disregard for human life. In this way, 3x3 Eyes is perhaps the most dramatically interesting spin-off from Cream Lemon's schizophrenic "Lolita" concept and is mercifully asexual.

A second series followed in 1995 after Takada's successful Blue Seed, with Pai losing her memory in Hong Kong and living as a schoolgirl in Japan. The new story, featuring input from Takada himself, takes the pair to Mount Kunlun, China's version of Olympus, where they join forces with some priests and a man with a really bad Australian accent to find the "key" to Pai's dimension. Covering only the first five volumes of the ongoing original, 3x3 Eyes remains one of those truncated anime series consistently beset with rumors of its imminent return to the screen.

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Name 3x3 Eyes
Name: サザンアイズ
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1991
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Aliases Sazan Eyes
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