.357 Magnum

.357 Magnum is an anime episode of Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine that was released on 04/11/2012


While being forced to run an errand for a mob boss, Fujiko meets the legendary gunman Daisuke Jigen.


Fujiko is winning big at a casino roulette table when another woman offers to bet the entire casino against Fujiko's body in one game. Unfortunately, Fujiko loses the game, and gets tied to a chair in a hotel room for her trouble. The woman's name is Cicciolina, and she is the current head of the Italian mafia that owns the casino. She offers to give Fujiko her freedom back if she completes two tasks for her: steal the .357 Magnum that Daisuke Jigen carries in his pocket, and then "see things through to the end."

Fujiko is then escorted to the territory of a rival Chinese mob boss, after hearing that Jigen shot the former Italian mob boss and defected to be the bodyguard of the Chinese instead. She works her way into the boss's good graces and tries to get close to Jigen, but Jigen keeps pushing her away. After a brief chat together alone, Jigen reveals that Cicciolina was very suicidal until Jigen intervened at one point and tried to convince her to live. After that, the two of them continued to meet behind her husband's back.

Fujiko manages to slip a drug inside Jigen's drink while he's monologing and then steal his handgun, daring him to come get it back by meeting at a nearby church where the two of them made love. Another flashback reveals that the real murderer of the Italian mob boss was Cicciolina herself, but Jigen took the blame to save her. The henchmen then show up and try to kill Jigen, but Jigen shoots them all dead. Finally, Cicciolina points Jigen's gun at him, and he fires at her in self-defense, killing her.

After burying her, Fujiko asks Jigen about his next move, and he considers becoming a thief, but adding that he wouldn't want Fujiko as his partner.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Miyuki Sawashiro ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Sayo Yamamoto Director
Monkey Punch Original Concept Original Creator/Story
Mari Okada Series Composition Script Supervisor
Toyonori Yamada Art Director VFX Director
Naruyoshi Kikuchi Music Music, OP Theme Song Arrangement/Composition
Ichiko Hashimoto Music OP Theme Song Performance (Narration)
Takeshi Koike Animation Director Animation Director & Character Designer
Shinichiro Watanabe Producer Music Producer
Seiji Okuda Executive Producer


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