20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys is an manga series in the 20th Century Boys franchise
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The seminal work of mangaka Naoki Urasawa, a multi-generational tale of grand conspiracy, mystery, and friendship.

It is the year 1997, when a young man named Kenji is working at a dead-end job in a convenience store. His sister is long gone, having left her daughter Kanna in his care, and he isn't sure what to do now.

In the background of Japanese politics, a vast conspiracy is rising to the surface. A surprisingly widespread group of people calling themselves the Friends and led by a man known only as Friend have been seeping into every facet of Japan: the culture, the government, even the police and military. And Kenji soon finds out that The Friend's plot is partially based off of a fantasy that he and his friends had back when they were just children playing around at a "secret hideout," talking about how they would take over the world. Unfortunately, one of them took it to the extreme, releasing a deadly microbe into San Francisco and then London. Now he plans to unleash an apocalyptic attack on Japan, and Kenji must rally his old friends to stop the Friends before they grow too powerful.

General Information Edit
English Name 20th Century Boys
Japanese Name: 20世紀少年
Romaji: Nijusseiki Shōnen
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 1999
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