20th Century Boys #2 - 20th Century Boys 02

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Plot Summary

Chapter 11 - Friendship - The new volume begins as back in 1969 Yanbo and Mabo are being beaten up by Yukiji "The strongest girl in the world". Back in the present day, Yukiji is being teased by the group about the various gangs and punks she beat up through middle and high school, even managing to take down 12 older boys all at once. Yukiji attempts to escape from her old childhood friends, claming she'll never find a man if she's stuck with these rumours forever. Althoug Kenji attempts to gain her help in identifying Friend, she turns around and quickly leaves.
Dr Ichihara Setsuko, the short haired woman who was dining with Yukiji previously, and another lawyer Niikura meet with a representative of Friend. Friend's representative introduces himself as Manjoume Inshuu, and claims that their organisation has and needs no name. He begins to speak crypticly about Friend and his intentions before leaving. The two lawyers are shocked as they notice their spoons have bended, as if acted on telepathically.
The chapter ends as Yukiji appears in Kenji's convenience store, claiming she remembers who originally thought up the symbol.
Chapter 12 - Otcho -
After hearing his fervent plea that Donkey may have been killed rather than taking his own life, Yukiji revealsto Kenji that it was their old childhood friend Otcho who originally thought up the mysterious symbol. The conversation is cut short however when the area manager for the Kingmart chain makes a routine inspection, chiding Kenji for using te register as a social area. As Yukiji leaves she hands Kenji details on her friend Ichihara and her legal office. Members of Friend's cult are meeting at that location tomorrow to find out the results of the legal examination, her parting words are those of confidence that Kenji will be able to sort everything out.
Yukiji's confidence in Kenji is revealed to be the result of an incident back when they were children. After beating up Yanbo and Mabo once again for picking on the weak, the two claim that she only wins because she cheats, grabbing their sleeves and collars to throw them. In order to play for real, the twins state you need to sumo naked. As Yukiji is reluctant to comply the twins take their chance and attack, attempting to rip her shirt off. As tears being to well up in her eyes, Yukiji is saved as Kenji rushes towards Yanbo and Mabo with his fist outstretched, ready to fight.
Back in the present, Dr Ichihara has been researching Otcho. 9 years ago, after divorcing his wife and leaving his small child, Otcho went missing in a jungle during a business trip to Taiwan. He was found a week later, but quit his company immediately after.
Yukiji continues to wait for Kenji to arrive and give testimony as sher reminisces on that incident. After Kenji charged towards the twins he was almost immediately beaten to a pulp, undaunted by his beating he turned to the crying girl and said "Don't cry. Be one of our friends and help us fight evil."
Kenji however apologises, stating he isn't the same person he used to be back then.
Chapter 13 - Chou-San - 
An elderly man identified as "Chou-san" talks to his son on the phone about what to get his grandson for his upcoming birthday. After refusing the offer to leave his house and live with his relatives, Chou prays in front of a memorial to his wife and sets off to buy a "Peekaboo" (Most likely a reference to Pikachu) for his grandson. On his way back from the shops he runs into a man identified as "Yama-san" and the two go for coffee together. It is revealed that the two men are members of the police force, and Chou is only one week from retirement. The two discuss the mysterious cases where blood is entirely drained from the victim by a virus. Chou has begun to link the incidents together, and the symbol of Friend that is the key piece in the puzzle. Determined to find out the truth, Chou had already traced Friend's origins back to the elementary school Kenji and friends had attended as young children.
Chapter 14 - Yama-San - 
Chapter 15 - The time for human extinction
Chapter 16 - God -
Chapter 17 - Sister's drawer -
Chapter 18 - Sister's lover -
Chapter 19 - The man behind -
Chapter 20 - Prophet -
Chapter 21 - Open your eyes! -


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