11. Heard Feelings

11. Heard Feelings is an anime episode of Shakugan no Shana III that was released on 12/17/2011

Kikoeru Omoi

Eita greets Keisaku who arrived at the airport. Together they rush to go to Misaku City.

Sophie Sawallisch and Frederick are standing in the battle. Suddenly they see a big fire ball with crimson-colored flame heading to them, makes Sophie smiled. The ball is dismissed, shows 4 flame hazes: Shana, Wilhelmina Carmel, Rebecca Reed, and Khamsin Nbh'w. Shana uses her spell to makes her voice loud and tells all of the denizens and flame hazes that the black hole above them is the gate to the Snake of the Festival. Right not, the trinity and the leader are inside of them. She also declares that she's going to stop them. Her spell vanishes and the four flame hazes go inside the hole.

In Misaki City, Eita and Keisaku are seen running to Keisaku's house. They arrive, and Yoshida welcomes them. Keisaku goes to the house, but stops and ask them to come with him. Eita and Kazumi refuse him, and say it's okay for them not to go with him. Eita poked Keisaku and tells him that he's not coming back for them, and he tells him to wake the sleeping princess.

Keisaku goes inside the house, stands in front of his room. He intends to knock the door and face Margery, but he dissuades and goes to the bar Margery usually drink. He sits on the sofa, and Marchosias surprises him by greeting him. Keisaku asks Marcho why he's there, and Marcho answers because he doesn't want to peep, makes Keisaku a little bit surprised. Marcho encourages him to go to Margery again, and Keisaku reinforces his strength. He thanks Marcho and goes to his room.

Inside of his room, Keisaku tells Margery that he's back, and goes straight to sit near Margery on his bed. Margery still sleeps, doesn't give any reaction at all. Keisaku smiles, and he puts his hand on Margery's shoulder, telling her that he has heard the fact about the truth of the silver — who he really is, makes the centuries Margery has spent become meaningless. But he tells her that it's not really meaningless, because it is meaningful for Eita, Yoshida, Shana, and Ogata, and further more, to he himself. Keisaku then declares that he doesn't care what does Margery/anyone thinks of her, and the fact that she's there really means to him. He also tells her that he will give his entire existence for her sake. Keisaku finishes his words, ends it that if Margery wakes up, that's the first thing he's going to tell him.

Keisaku moves forward and kisses Margery.

Suddenly, Margery moves her head slowly —makes Keisaku blushed— and pulls Keisaku's hand toward her.

Margery still closes her eyes, but she talks, tells him that she heard everything. Keisaku cries. Margery tells her that she heard Eita's and Yoshida's voices also, and he reveals that it is true, she thought of him back then, and even realizes her feelings for him —that makes her sleep. Keisaku surprises, and asks why. Margery tells him that it can undo the annihilation, and she waits for the feelings to grow stronger, strong enough to prevent the annihilation. Keisaku hugs her and tells her that it's enough.

Margery says that it's not enough, and asks him whether he loves her or not. Keisaku gives a quick reply — yes, and Margery smiles.

Both of them sit on the bed, and Margery asks Keisaku whether he remember the time Margery told him that a flame haze too strong to hold someone as tightly as one can. After asking him that, Margery pokes Keisaku, gives a spell that makes him become as strong as she is, even just for a while. Margery explains that if she doesn't put that kind of distance between them, she will find herself getting closer to him. Keisaku asks about now, and Margery tells him to try by himself.

After that, they hug each other and kiss again, and the scene darken.

Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin, and Rebecca are inside the hole. They realized a kind of bird that's not a bird, which is the old flame hazes who trapped inside while they sealed SoF in distant past. They told Shana's team to follow them.

In the battle field, the Flame Haze army is seen surpasses the Denizens. Francois use his ability to see the battle field, and Sophie, Center Hill, Samuel, and he himself observe the battle through it. The problem in the battle is the two larger forces that have withdrawn, the east and the west. They afraid they will come and defeat the Flame Haze army.

When Sophie is thinking a plan, suddenly Decarabia appears and makes a big difference. He uses his spell to teleport all the attack towards him, and defensive spell on the Denizens on the battle field. Many flame hazes die, and the force lost many flame haze.

Sophie decides that she needs to go to the battlefield. Samuel Demantius and Zirnitra use their ability to make a bridge towards Seireiden, and all the flame haze remaining go with him, cross the bridge. Decarabia appears, and he's going to launch the most powerful attack he can, but suddenly Sophie's voice echoed in the sky.

Sophie appears, and she makes a very powerful lightning and fires it to Decarabia, kills him in instant. Takemikazuchi praises her, but he also says that she used too much power. Suddenly, Francois contact Margery and tell that a massive force has appeared on the western flank.

Stolas is flying in the air, and Harborym also comes. The flame hazes are being fooled by the enemy.

Keisaku wakes up, surprised that Margery's not on the bed, and shouts her name. Margery answers him, she's dressing. Margery tells him that she has read the document Keisaku brought for her, which is Sophie's plan: calm, crossing, and ebb. Margery then tells him to get ready too, makes Keisaku surprises. Margery asks him that he's going to come with her, means that she already accepted Keisaku to help her.

Shana's observing a fortress condition with her "Judgment". Three layers of Unrestricted spell is placed on the fortress. Khamsin states that her inability to recognize unrestricted spell is worrisome, but Rebecca adds that the judge's eye of her is convenient, and she wants to swap it with her explosions. Balar makes fun of her.

Above the fortress, Sabrac is seen standing, ready to encounter them.


  • Keisaku Satou towards Margery: "No matter what anyone thinks of you, no matter what you thinks of yourself, the fact that you're here means something to me. My entire existence is devoted to keep you alive. When I heard that you needed me, I was happy. And that happiness told me, that I really do live for your sake.

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Noizi Ito Concept Artist A renowned character designer for light novels and visual novels.
Takahashi Yashichiro Original Concept The creator of Shakugan no Shana and A/B Extreme.
Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Mai Otsuka Character Artist/Designer
Yasuko Kobayashi Series Composition Mangaka
Ko Otani Music A musician and prolific composer of anime, film and video game scores.
Ryo Music The founding member of Supercell who provides the music and lyrics for the group.


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