100 Hairstyles and Panic in the Clubroom and Principal's Office

100 Hairstyles and Panic in the Clubroom and Principal's Office is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 08/11/2011

100 Hairstyles and Panic in the Clubroom and Principal's Office - "Kuraburūmu to Kōchō-shitsu de Panikku in Kami o Kiru 100 no Hōhō" (クラブルームと校長室でパニック・イン・髪を切る100の方法)

The first part of the episode deals with Bossun getting his hair cut by Himeko and Switch so he can look nice for the interview they'll be having which will be in an article in a local newspaper. Luckily, with the use of Tocolotion 10 - a fast-growth hair cream produced by chemistry teacher Tetsuji Chuuma, Bossun's hair can grow back and Himeko and Switch can cut it again. However, Switch and Himeko were not aware of the side effects of that cream, and what will happen to poor Bossun's hair because of that.....

The second part of the episode deals with the Student Council decorating the principal's office for a surprise birthday party. In the office, Sojiro Agata notices how a statue of the principal's head doesn't look like him at all. Sojiro decides to draw in the principal's glasses with marker and it all goes downhill from there. Will the student council members be able to get the statue back to normal before the principal comes back to his office?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook

Part 1: 100 Hairstyles and Panic in the Clubroom

At the start of the episode, Takakako Shimada, the school's journalist, is seen in the Sket Dance clubroom spewing to Bossun, Himeko, and Switch. She tells them that her father, who is a local newspaper journalist, is interested in interviewing the members of Sket Dance after hearing about what the club does from his daughter. Before leaving the clubroom, Takakako tells them that her father will be at the school at 5 o'clock to interview all three of them.

Bossun HAS to be in the middle
Bossun HAS to be in the middle

The Sket Dance members, excited to get interviewed, begin to practice their poses for when they get their picture taken. While they're posing, Bossun stands between Himeko and Switch, and in front of them. Unsatisfied with that formation, Himeko tells Bossun that he is standing too far up compared to herself and Switch. Bossun tells her that it's fine since he is the club's leader. Himeko then argues back, telling him that since she's the only girl, she should be the one in the middle. Urging him to switch with her, Himeko is surprised at how passionate Bossun was when refusing her demand to be in the middle.

Bossun needs a haircut
Bossun needs a haircut

Switch, interrupting both Himeko and Bossun's argument, tells them that he should be the one to stand in the middle since he's the only "glasses character" of the group. Himeko then tells him that the only group that can get away with the glasses character standing in the middle is "The Alfe", referring to a 70's Japanese music group. Bossun turns around and begins to mumble is disagreement, which makes Himeko notice how long his hair became. Himeko voices her thoughts, telling Bossun that his hair has gotten really long. Bossun assures her that it's fine, but Himeko decides to take off his hat. After taking off his hat, Bossun's extensively long hair is revealed which both surprises and annoys Himeko. She offers Bossun money to go cut it, but he tells her that as long as his curls behave (i.e. don't curl out in an abnormal way) then his hair is fine. Himeko, unhappy with Bossun's answer, tells him that if he doesn't go cut his hair, she'll be the one to cut it.

Himeko the Hairdresser
Himeko the Hairdresser

Bossun ends up losing to Himeko, and she prepares to cut his hair. Bossun wasn't sure if Himeko had experience cutting hair, but Himeko assures him that she's pretty good at that sort of thing. Both Himeko and Switch seem to enjoy acting as actual hairdressers, which begins to worry Bossun who thinks they aren't taking it seriously. Bossun decides to leave, but Himeko forces him to stay and starts deciding where she should cut first.


Seeing that Bossun's "outward" curls were very noticeable, Himeko decides to cut those off first. She begins with the his right curl, and cuts it off. You could hear the hair go *snip!* and Himeko puts on a surprised expression while regretting her first mistake. She then decides to "snip" off the second curl to balance it out, but it just makes things worse. Himeko goes to Switch, asking him for advice on how to fix the problem. Switch tells her to just continue cutting his hair in a way that wouldn't make her mistakes obvious.

Himeko snips away, and Bossun begins complimenting her, telling her that she seems to have a pretty good hang of it. Himeko takes his compliments reluctantly, as she continues to cut his hair. When she's finished, Bossun's hair was a mess, full of uneven edges and bald spots. Himeko is ditermined to fix it, and she was about to start cutting again, but Switch stops her, telling her that she's done enough.


Switch reminds Himeko about the hair growth formula that Chuu-san was working on (introduced in episode 9), and tells her that they could use that to regrow Bossun's hair. Himeko is thrilled after Switch's suggestion, and she tells him to buy her time as she goes to get the formula. Luckily, Chuuma sensei was successful in making the formula, and he named it "Tocolotion 10". He tells Himeko that the lotion can pump hair out like a locomotive. Himeko asks him if it explodes, since Chuuma's last experiment was explosive. He tells her that it probably doesn't explode, and Himeko tells him that she'll be borrowing it. Chuuma warns her about using it since it might sitll have side-effects, but she says that as long as it doesn't explode its fine.

Sudden Burst of Growth
Sudden Burst of Growth

Switch is in the clubroom, spewing to half-asleep Bossun, about random things. Bossun thinks Switch is just an annoying dream, and he begins to wonder when its going to end. He then looks around the clubroom for Himeko, mummbling about how she left without finishing. At that moment, Himeko slides the clubroom door open, and takes her position back behind Bossun. Switch stands next to her and watches her apply the cream on one of Bossun's bald spots. They wait for a moment so it can take effect, then suddenly hair bursts out of his bald spot, with approximately a metre's length. Himeko screams, surprising Bossun, and she instinctively slaps his head.

Bossun is then given a mirror, and he sees the mess Himeko made. Switch tells him not to worry since they have the "Tocolotion 10" which will regrow his hair. Bossun gets agitated since they were taking his hair problem lightly. Switch and Himeko apply the formula, without sparing any spots. New hair bursts out again, this time all of his hair grew at once, falling over his face. Himeko then cuts it to the initial length before she started cutting it. She then tells him that she's beginning to get teh hang of it so it'll be fine. She then invites Switch, who was playing Final Fantasy on his Nitendo DS, to cut half of Bossun's hair while she cuts the other half.

I'm Bosu
I'm Bosu

When they were finished, Himeko's side was completely bald with random strands of hair, and Switch's side was layered and curled. Bossun was furious, and he ranted about how he had a feeling they were doing something wrong and that they definitely had to fix what they did. They use "Tocolotion 10" again, and cut it to the "starting style". This time, Switch offers to do it using both his hands since he is ambidextrous, which will ensure the balance. Switch ends up giving Bossun a "Goku" hairstyle, and Bossun makes a tiny Goku parody before flipping out on Switch. Switch tells him that it's alright since there's still more of the drug left.

Himeko and Switch continue to cut Bossun's hair over and over, with different hairstyles each time. As they kept repeating it, Bossun starts to notice that his hair is getting curlier and bristlier. It then reached a point where it wouldn't stop growing. Bossun screams out in fear, and Himeko also screams, calling him a freak and forcing him to stay away. Finally, Bossun's voice is heard screaming out for help.

It was finally time to take the photo, and after winning a round of rock-paper-scissors, Bossun stood in the middle. However, the subject of the article changed to "Bossun's ever-growing afro", which was the effect of their over-use of the Tocolotion 10 cream.

Part 2: Panic in the Principal's Office

Closing Theme

"Clover (クローバー)" by The Sketchbook

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept Manga artist who created Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director The director of the anime Sket Dance.


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