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1-Shot Character is a anime/manga concept
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Rei Nishina

She is Keiichiro's ex-girlfriend who appears in episode 14. Rei does research on butterflies(a Lepidopterist).


Senator from planet Oran

Ron Yuebin

He appears in episode 33 to marry Pudding in an arranged marriage. Pudding opposes a thought and when Tart met hi m first time, he seemed jealous. Losing for Tart, he went back to China practice more his skills.


Sera is princess of Alto

Sir Aetheling the Red

A knight who allied with the Autobots Hoist and Warpath when they were sent back in time, he is the father of Nimue

Sir Wigend du Blackthorne

An evil knight who allied himself with Starscream

Sir Wulf

A treacherous backstabbing knight, ally of the Decepticons


A member of the Autobots and a component of Metroplex


One of Soundwave's transforming cassettes

Snake Bomb

A Beastformer and ally of the Decepticons


A Decepticon super-computer, it was originally built by humans

Tatjana Dayward

Tatjana is a seamstress who believe bad fashion should be destroy at any cost

The Golden One

An immortal Sorcerer who draws strength from the sun

The Masked Man

Claiming to be a slave who had been horrifically disfigured by Witch Haggar to the extent that his face was too gruesome for any human to look at, the masked man was in fact an agent of Planet Doom who took Princess Romelle hostage on Lotor's behalf planing to trade her for Allura. He was later revealed to be a stingray like robeast.

The Ninja

A robot ninja Aku sent out to kill Samurai Jack


Unicron's "little brother" the energy being Tornedron is the 2nd creation of Primacron


A one shot character from Beast Wars

Tsukiko Yamada

She is minor character on Tokyo Mew Mew.


Winnie is a necromancer, who don't like zombies and skeletons

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