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07-Ghost is an manga series in the 07-Ghost franchise
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One of the three nuns that work in the church doing odd jobs.


The main antagonist in 07-Ghost. He is a coldblooded killer, yet high ranking officer in the Barsburg Military.


Bastien is a Bishop at a church. He is from the anime 07-Ghost.


A bishop in the Seventh District in 07-Ghost. He helps Teito in his journey and possesses uncanny Zaiphon talents.


One of the bishops in the series 07-Ghost. At first he and the protagonist, Teito, hate each other because of Frau's attitude, until they become close and he helps Teito on his quest.

Hakuren Oak

Teito's room mate, and eventually close friend during the bishop's exam. Hakuren is stuck-up, but kind under the surface.


One of the Black Hawks in 07-Ghost. He is a subordinate of Kuroyuri.


Hyuuga is one of the major antagonists in 07-ghost. He is Ayanami's right hand man, and nearly just as vicious as Ayanami himself.


The second of command of the Black Hawks in 07-Ghost

Konatsu Warren

One of the Black Hawks in 07-Ghost and Hyuuga's subordinate.


The youngest member of Ayanami's followers, but just as ruthless as the last. He is often pampered by Ayanami and treated as Ayanami's son.


One of the three main bishops in the Seventh District's church. He can predict the future by 'listening to the flowers'.


The bishop who acts as head examiner for the bishop's exam in 07-Ghost.


One of the three nuns in 07-Ghost. She does odd jobs around the church.


Teito Klein's best and first friend, from 07-Ghost. Mikage is cheerful, kind-hearted, and playful, often teasing of Teito.


A noel mermaid, who grew up with Castor. She is friendly and happy, and plays the organ for the church.


The youngest of the three nuns who work in the church in 07-Ghosts.

Shuri Oak

A military academy student from a prestigious family. He bullied Teito because of Teito's past as a Sklave

Teito Klein

The main protagonist of 07-Ghost. Teito is the son of the Raggs Kingdom's emperor, and the inheritor of the Eye of Mikhail.

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