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Former slave Teito Klein escapes the military and seeks refuge with the church, and finds himself in the midst of a battle for 2 magical eyes of immense power. 07-Ghost franchise created by Yuki Amemiya (story) and Yukino Ichihara (art).


 Some main characters
 Some main characters
The Raggs Kingdom was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire when Teito Klein was a young boy. After the war and fall of the Raggs Kingdom, Teito Klein became a slave, and was sold to the Barsburg Empire's military, due to his talent in Zaiphon, a kind of rare supernatural power. There, Teito meets Mikage, who eventually become his best friend. Due to traumatic experiences Teito is an amnesiac, and cannot remember anything from his childhood. Every night, Teito dreams of a man he called 'Father' back when he was a child, but knows no more of his past.
In the Barsburg Military Academy, Teito and Mikage must take an exam that will allow them to graduate. The night before the exam,
Mikage helps Teito escape the Academy
Mikage helps Teito escape the Academy
Teito and Mikage swear that they will never give up on each other and they will die together, as friends. The next day, Teito and Mikage pass the exam together, and they believe everything is well. That is until the day after, when Teito roams the halls of the Academy only to hear somebody talking about him, saying he would be a good 'candidate', and Teito would make a good 'host' for 'the eye'. Teito discovers that the man speaking is the Chief of Staff Ayanami. A rush of memories come to Teito, and he suddenly realizes that Ayanami was the man who killed 'Father' from his dreams. In a blind rage, Teito attack Ayanami. Teito is stopped, restrained, and thrown in jail, awaiting the death sentence. Mikage rushes to save his only friend, only to see that Teito had already begun his escape. Teito tells Mikage to leave and run, but Mikage insists on helping his friend. In order to protect Mikage, Teito pretends to take him hostage, and escapes on a hawkzile, leaving Mikage behind at the Academy.
Ayanami chases after Teito and attacks him with Zaiphon, knocking Teito unconscious. Teito falls from the sky, soon to be rescued by three bishops from District 7's church. The bishops, Frau, Castor, and Labrador, take Teito to the church and nurse him back to health. While Teito stay at the church he begins to remember bits of his past, and learns more about District 7, the Raggs Kingdom, the Seven Ghosts, the Kor, and himself. Teito realizes that he is the son of the king of the old Raggs Kingdom, and has inherited a magical object called the Eye of Mikhail, brother to the Eye of Raphael. But Teito's moment of peace is suddenly shaken a part when Mikage arrives at District Seven with only half a soul. Mikage is controlled by Ayanami and forced to fight Teito. The bishops cannot save Mikage, and the only thing decided the fate of Teito and Mikage is Zehel, one of the fabled Seven Ghosts.

Seven Ghosts

 The Seven Ghosts
 The Seven Ghosts
According to an old legend, Verloren (the god of death), killed the Chief of Heaven's daughter and was forced to flee to Earth. In retribution, Verloren spread hate and despair through the hearts of the people. The Chief of Heaven sent down seven holy lights, named the Seven Ghosts in order to stop Verloren. The Seven Ghost locked Verloren away in Pandora's Box from thousands of years. Verloren sent out messengers, called Kor, to find and contact humans to bring them under his influence. If a human contracts with one of the Kor, a mark will appear on their chest. This is called 'Verloren's Curse', only curable by the bishops. The Seven Ghosts try to stop and destroy the Kor in order to save mankind from Verloren. 
The Seven Ghosts are embodied with in humans who have extraordinary Zaiphon powers, so much that they are considered blessed by God. Each Seven Ghost is reincarnated when they die, yet still retaining all memories from their past lives. The Seven Ghosts are thought to live in the Seventh District's church, guarding the sacred place. Despite the ghosts only thought yo be legend, they are in fact real. The Ghosts have a 'Grim Reaper' look about them, making them frightening to see. Mothers tell their children that if they are bad, the Ghosts will come and take them away.  Each ghost has a specific power:


 斬魂 or, 'the cutting spirit'. Later revealed to be Bishop Frau. Zehel is thought to severs bond, specifically one's ties to misfortune.


 繋魂 or, 'the tying spirit'. Revealed to be Bishop Castor. Fest is the Ghost who binds souls together.


 言魂 or, 'the speaking spirit'. Revealed to be Bishop Labrador. Profe is the Ghost who prophesies.


 遺魂 or, 'the bequeathing spirit' Revealed as Bishop Lance. Relikt is the Ghost who sees one's past.  


 契魂 or, "the pledging spirit". Revealed to be Fea Kreuz. Vertrag is the Ghost who manipulates souls.  


 消魂, or  'the extinguishing spirit'. Not much else is known. 


醒魂 or, 'the awaking spirit'. Not much else is known.

The Three Dreams

Every soul, at the beginning of their new life stand before the Chief Of Heaven and creates three goals or dreams they wish to complete in their life time. When all three of the dreams have been completed the soul will be called back to the Heavens. Later, the soul will be reincarnated. However, one does not remember what dreams they have chosen when they start their lives. There are many creatures in the world that wish to interfere with that process, namely the Kor, messengers of Verloren, the God of Death.
 A Kor
 A Kor
The Kor steal dreams and drag humans to the darkness, and in turn convert them to Verloren's side. The Kor promise to fulfil a human's dreams. Once the first dream has been granted, a human no longer has the ability to be satisfied by anything in the world. Once the second dream is granted, said human falls into a state of starvation, or addiction. And when the third and final dream is granted, the soul has been thrown into darkness, and is forever unable to return to the Chief of Heaven. The Kor then takes the body. A possessed body with all three dreams fulfilled by the Kor is called a Wars (warusa, or "evil" in Japanese), and they serve Verloren. A magician who can control the Wars is called a Warsfile.  
It is the duty of the Church, the bishops, and the Seven Ghosts to protect humans from the Kor and Verloren. The bishops set out to destroy the Kor with their unique Zaiphon.

The Eye of Mikhail/Raphael

 Teito using the Eye of Mikhail
 Teito using the Eye of Mikhail
The Eye of Mikhail and the Eye of Raphael are two holy stones, which can be embedded within people's bodies. This allows the archangels Mikhail and Raphael to descend into the respective hosts body for a limited time. The stones are undetectable, unless activated. When the stones are activated, they appear on the hosts hand, and the host's eyes change colour. The host is then able to wield god-like powers with zaiphon. 
The Raggs Kingdom possessed the Eye of Mikhail, and the Barsburg Empire held the eye of Raphael. This signified a treaty between the two countries. One was never allowed to take the stone from the other. But the Barsburg Empire broke that treaty and attacked the Raggs Kingdom in order to obtain the stone, 10 years before the start of 07-Ghost.
The specific usages of the eyes are currently unknown, although some of their power has been demonstrated. So far, it has been revealed that the Eye of Mikhail originally sealed Verloren's soul in Pandora's Box, and the Eye of Raphael has been said to be able to reincarnate Verloren's soul into other human's bodies. It is also stated that: "According to a thousand years of the Judgment of Heaven, By the Eye of Mikhael (Michael), the sealed body of Verloren has been kept asleep for more than one thousand years… And by the Eye of Raphael, his powers are lost. And so, Verloren’s soul continues to wait for a human body fit for its reincarnation."


 Teito using Zaiphon
 Teito using Zaiphon
Zaiphon, the 'magic' of the 07-Ghost world, is the ability to convert life energy into various forms of power. In fact, the continent that 07-Ghost is set on his held aloft in the air by Zaiphon. Zaiphon is controlled through emotions, and such power usually takes the form of words, although many are able to direct their Zaiphon through weapons. Those with the ability of Zaiphon are thought to be blessed by God, and are held high regard. They are often enlisted in the army, or are bishops of the church. Ever user has a different kind of Zaiphon, which often reflects their personality. Zaiphon is categorized in three ways: 

Healing Zaiphon:

 Those with healing Zaiphon are able to share or transfer their Zaiphon to another person, or heal wounds. Labrador, Bastein, Ouka, and Capella are known for possessing healing Zaiphon.

Offensive Zaiphon:

 Those with offensive Zaiphon are able to attack with Zaiphon, and block Zaiphon attacks with their own. Characters known for using offensive Zaiphon include Teito, Mikage, Hakuren, Ayanami, and Frau. 

 Castor's Zaiphon
 Castor's Zaiphon

Manipulation Zaiphon:

 Manipulation Zaiphon is the rarest. Users with this kind of Zaipon are able to move objects at will. Castor is the only known character to possess such Zaiphon.
 Teito holding a bascule
 Teito holding a bascule
It is not impossible, yet it is not easy to be able to use two kinds of Zaiphon. Those who can are extremely talented, and are few. There are a variety of weapons that can manipulate Zaiphon. The most common is the bascule. The bascule allows users to channel their Zaiphon and use it for several purposes. Depending on the kind of Zaiphon, the effects it will have may vary: those with healing Zaiphon cannot directly attack a Kor, but they are able to restrict and remove Kor from people. Those with offensive Zaiphon are able to attack and destroy Kor.
General Information Edit
Name: 07-Ghost
Name: セブンゴースト
Romaji: Sebun Gōsuto
Aliases: Seven Ghost
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