07-Ghost #5 - 07-Ghost, Volume 5

is a manga book published by Go! Comi that was released on 11/24/2007

Plot Summary

Go! Comi Edition Release Date: December 31, 2009

Viz Edition Release Date: July 16, 2013

Ayanami, the chief of staff for the Barsburg military, has set his sights on capturing Teito at all costs, and he's chosen the vessel with which to capture his prey: Teito's passionate and faithful follower, Kuroyuri! When Kuroyuri's schemes place Teito at the mercy of Ayanami's entire military, the troubled Bishop Frau must make a soul-shattering decision and choose between his duty as a 07-GHOST and Teito's life.


  • Chapter 24: Light and Dark
  • Chapter 25: Setting Off
  • Chapter 26: Antwort
  • Chapter 27: Slave Trader
  • Chapter 28: The 6th District
  • Chapter 29: Housen House


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Yukino Ichihara artist, writer,
Yuki Amemiya artist, writer,


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