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Plot Summary

There is no plot summary yet. I'll provide background. This movie is the remake of Cyborg 009 franchise.

Nine people are tricked and forced by a evil organisation called The Neo-Black Ghosts into becoming cyborgs. But they refuse to become the neo-black ghosts killing machines, and guided by Dr. Gilmore the cyborgs escape. They team up in order to fight the neo-black ghosts and unjustice where ever it shows it's face.

By Anime News Network (Anime Series)

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CrunchyRoll's Image Gallery

Source: Crunchyroll

Here are images for every character except for, Francoise Arnoul. Crunchyroll does not have her image, so I found one, but it's not Hi Res or bigger like the rest of the images.

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Sick movie! The animation is pretty unique, and the plot seems very interesting! I'll add this to my anime movie watch list.

Good show Taka! Keep 'em coming dude!

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Looks very impressive, I love it when they remake the classics:)
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I forgot to update you guys and gals with new trailer videos and some commercial ones.

Pepsi Commercials

Odd Trailers

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